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More Quilt Results

As I mentioned in my last post there's been a lot of quilt related news generated the past few weeks.  Next up, AQS Fall Quilt Week in Paducah, KY.  During the summer I found out I had four quilts accepted to hang at Fall Quilt Week.  I was completely shocked, shocked!, especially since two of the quilts were Quiltcon "rejects."  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend Fall Quilt Week because  I was camping through Thursday and would have missed most of the show, via social media, if some kind ladies on Instagram hadn't had sent me pictures of my quilts, thank you Connie (@gynconnie), Marla (@pennylanequilts), and Judith.  Check out their quilts on IG!

I decided to enter four quilts thinking my chance of getting a quilt accepted was the same as winning the Lotto but then all four were accepted and man was it expensive!!  In the future, I don't think I will enter more than two quilts into an AQS show maybe only one.  Almost all the expense was the requirement to…

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