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Intentional Design Misprint

I can't believe we're half way through the year and I've finished 18 quilts so far! Seven minis, two quilts from patterns, two secret sew projects and seven original designs throw size quilts including my latest finish my Misprint quilt.
I began designing this quilt last year for the APQ nine patch challenge for Quiltcon, obviously I missed the point of the challenge even though each dot and it's shadow is a nine patch.  My original inspiration were the light bulbs used in old signage and was black and white with an accent color for the dots which were centered on the quilt.
The first version of the design was a bit, well, boring so I started to play around with it and added the ombre´ and took away a few of the dots to create a border.  This was much better but I knew it could beimproved upon.  Then I moved all the dots off the background to add some stripes, EUREKA!  My light bulbs all the sudden fell into place, or should I say out of place, and it reminded me of a mi…

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