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I took a break from my Michael Miller fabric challenge quilt quilting to work on a charity quilt.  I'm doing a Jacob's ladder design using cotton/linen blend.  Here's the layout.  I like to use Photoshop for quilt design and layout.

I'm in love with these fabrics, Robert Kaufman's Essex collection.  They are so great to work with.  I began making four patches, which there are a ton of, by cutting strips sewing them together than sub cutting the strips and sewing the cut strips together, very common method.  As I was doing the final press on my blocks I noticed that 99% of the seams lined up perfectly.  The cotton/linen blend is just amazing.  It was a great ego boost to work with these fabrics.

It was a fun break from the wrestling match, also known as quilting on a domestic machine, I was working on.

Quilt Fail... sort of???

I finished up moving links this weekend, a week or so past when I thought I would.  My inspiration was a throw pillow with a nod to mid-century modern design, which I love.

You may be wondering why this post is titled 'quilt fail.'   I dont think this quilt is ugly nor poorly constructed but it just didn't live up to the finished picture in my mind.  This use to  happen all the time when I was oil painting but not as often quilting.   I do like the quilt and plan to put it in my study/guest room.  I also love the back (see earlier post).

Oh well I have plenty of projects to move onto, including the Michael Miller fabric challenge for Quiltcon 2016.

New Fabric, New Project

I received the long awaited Alison Glass Handcrafted 2 from Pink Door Fabrics a few days ago and was completely inspired by the fabric.

I put some thought into what I'd like to create and purchased a text fabric bundle plus three more text prints not in the bundle from Pink Castle Fabric.

Then I began cutting and cutting and cutting some more.  I knew right away what I wanted to make and I hope I can pull it off.  I finally finished cutting and this is what I had.

Yep I've decided to make a double wedding ring quilt.  I added a few solids from my stash for the corner stones and went with a solid arc instead of pieced because I wanted Handcrafted 2 to be the star of the quilt.  I think I might be crazy.

After cutting I got to finally pack away all my cutting supplies and reclaim my kitchen island.  I think I've had a cutting board setup on it for 4 months.  I currently have 3 quilts cut and ready to go two of which have due dates so unfortunately my double wedding ring will…

One of my many WIP

I'm embarrassed to say I've been working on this quilt for a couple months.  The block and layout are simple but I just haven't found the time to sandwich the quilt just like I haven't found time to do laundry.  You can see the block construction below:

See straight forward construction,right?  The block is 6" x 14" finished and I have sewn three WOF strips together then cut to size to make the end units on each 'link.'  The inspiration for this quilt came from a throw pillow:

 In this case my quilt is a fairly literal interpretation of the textile used for this pillow.  Throw pillows are my go to when I want to design a quick quilt top.  The inspiration can be literal, like above or sometimes just a color pallet.  I picked yellow as an accent color because I've always loved grey and yellow together.  I remember having a Monopoly spin off game when I was little and admiring how the grey and yellow pieces looked next to each other.  Maybe this week…

Paris Medallion Quilt

This is my most recently finished quilt, I think I currently have 4-5 quilts in progress, but yes I got this finished.  I have to admit that quilting is my least favorite part of making a quilt, ironic I know, and consequently I'm not very good at it or I should say I value efficiency over technique.
I had two goals this year, one was to do a quilt with the blocks on point (I did that using a pattern and carried my new technique over to the center medallion here) and two, to do a quilt using curve piecing, also accomplished.  I have one quilt in progress and a finished quilt for the MQG Riley Blake challenge.  I'm thinking my next goal should be to work on and enjoy quilting my quilts.
Back to the quilt, I love all the medallion quilts being posted recently and here's my version.  I had Tula Pinks Parisville cameo fabric in my stash and have really treasured it.  I think this was a good use of the fabric without using it all up.
Here's a peak at the back from Cotton +…
Canoe paddles is my favorite quilt, right now.  It was inspired by painted canoe paddles featured in a catalog at Christmas 2014 (  I designed the quilt right then and there but it was some months before I began working on it.  Handcrafted by Alison Glass had come out and I fell in love but even then it took me a while before I merged the two.   I'm very happy with the finished product.  This quilt is 76" x 82".