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Moving Links

I'm embarrassed to say I've been working on this quilt for a couple months.  The block and layout are simple but I just haven't found the time to sandwich the quilt just like I haven't found time to do laundry.  You can see the block construction below:

Moving Links Block

See straight forward construction,right?  The block is 6" x 14" finished and I have sewn three WOF strips together then cut to size to make the end units on each 'link.'  The inspiration for this quilt came from a throw pillow:


 In this case my quilt is a fairly literal interpretation of the textile used for this pillow.  Throw pillows are my go to when I want to design a quick quilt top.  The inspiration can be literal, like above or sometimes just a color pallet.  I picked yellow as an accent color because I've always loved grey and yellow together.  I remember having a Monopoly spin off game when I was little and admiring how the grey and yellow pieces looked next to each other.  Maybe this weekend, after I start the laundry and if CJ is napping, I can get the sandwich together.  I chose April Rhodes' Wandering Lands in Boreas by AGF for the back.

I really do like the looks for this quilt so I do want to finish it.  Hopefully soon.  I need it finished because I'm, like I've said before, working on several other quilts.  Here's a sneak peek at one I started for my daughter.

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