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Modern by the Yard Cover

At the beginning of the year I had several deadlines, four in fact all due before QuiltCon in February, and now that the latest issue of Modern by the Yard e-zine is out I can finally share my Follow the Leader quilt!!

Click HERE for the free pattern/e-zine

My Follow the Leader quilt features Christa Watson's newest fabric line with Benartex Contempo Studio, Abstract Garden.  I love Christa's playful prints and that each of her lines coordinate with the other previous lines.  The background on this quilt are grey prints from her Fandangle fabric collection.

This design is fat quarter friendly and is 100% compatible with one of my favorite templates, the Tri-Rec tool!  I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures before sending the quilt to Benartex.  I did manage to get a quick shot of the quilt top.  I can't help but smile when I see all those bright cheerful colors.

I hope you will take a moment and check out the latest issue of Modern by the Yard.  It's comp…

Why Not, Why Knot Quilt

I spent much of last year making quilts for one publication or another, for this fabric line or that fabric line but almost all on some sort of a deadline.  I started 2019 telling myself that this year was going to be different and I was going to make some quilts for me, taking my time and enjoying the creative process but before I knew it I'd booked several quilts for publication and had made four quilts all before QuiltCon in late February.  After QuiltCon, I caught my breath and decided to change course and make a quilt for me, my Why Knot quilt.

I really didn't have to much of a direction.  I knew what colors I wanted to use and pulled them from my stash and I knew I wanted to use the arc shape so I started designing and playing with layout.  I finally decided to just start making!  I used Jenny Haynes' 7" Double Drunkards Path template which comes with a great squaring tool.

I settled on a layout and before I knew it I had my quilt top finished and I started on …

QuiltCon 2019 - Summary of My Quilts

I'm back and finally getting over being exhausted but I had an amazing time at QuiltCon this year.  I think the best part of the show is running into so many fellow quilters that I've only met online, meeting all the new people and seeing old friends! 

I had four quilts in the competition part of the show, two in the Quilt of the Month showcase and the giveaway quilt.  I received judges notes on the four quilts in the competition portion of the show.  I would like to share the judges comments in hopes it will make them less terrifying and encourage others to enter in QuiltCon and other shows.  First up Colonnade, by far my favorite make of 2018:

QuiltCon judges notes vary from other quilt shows in that they don't give a quantified score.  Pluses next to one of the considerations indicates that the quilt being evaluated excelled in that area, or at least that is how it has been explained to me and then the judges leave comments on the bottom of the page.  I think Colonnad…