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Blogers Quilt Festival - Quilt Show Update

It's time for the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy Ellis and I'm so happy I found some time to participate this year.  The festival is a great way for bloggers to share their work and explore a multitude of quilting blogs.  Did I mention there are dozen of quilts to admire?

This year I've decided to enter a one of my quilts I sent out to a show and share some of my judges notes in hopes it will encourage others to participate in quilt shows too.

I picked up my Diamonds on Display quilt from the fair and it received a fairly high score.  I was complimented on my color choices, backing fabric but it was noted that my binding needed improvement, agreed.  When I made this quilt I had a tight deadline and chose to machine bind it, not my best skill.  The moment I finished was the same moment I knew I would need to replace the binding.  The judge agreed.
Just this week Citrus Play and Positive Illuminations was returned to me.  First up, Citrus Play.  I wasn't given …

The Spokane Interstate Fair and More

I have definitely experienced my ups and downs at the fair.  The first year my Paris Medallion quilt won a blue ribbon and on of five special awards given by the fair, beyond thrilling.  The second year my Mountain Scene quilt received a red ribbon and was hung in the rafters, the rafters, a huge crusher. Then last year I won two blue ribbons for my two entries, Scandinavian Pathway and Lost in Oz, definitely unexpected after the prior year's results.  This year when I dropped off my quilt the attendee suggested my quilt was more interesting from the back, ugh.  I know she was trying to be nice and compliment me but it sure was disheartening.  When I got to the fair I was expecting the worse, red ribbons or even yellow, the Spokane Interstate Fair uses a Danish judging system, but in disbelief I saw my quilt with a blue ribbon, a special award and an quilting excellence honorable award!!!

I'm still blown away!  I just don't know what to expect from the fair from year to y…

Modern with a Twist Block

Have you seen the quarterly e-zine Modern by the Yard?  It's a great magazine from Benartex fabric featuring free quilting projects made with Benartex fabrics.

This current issue's Modern with a Twist section focuses on making a modern drunkard's path block.  When Benartex asked me to contribute to this of course I jumped at the opportunity.

I was instantly drawn to the calming color palette Kelsey Williams chose for her Coastal Orchard fabric line and how the navy was a great foundation for the soft taupe, peach, green and grey as well as a perfect contrast to the more energetic yellow and orange in the line.

I used two different sized Drunkard's Path units in a four patch style block to create depth and movement. The block can be rotated to form secondary patterns and the illusion of a much more complicated construction process. This easy to make block paired with the fresh and clean palette of Coastal Orchard gives a timeless classic a modern makeover.

There are many…

Quilt Show Season

I know there is no official "quilt show season" but if I were to pick one it would be Fall.  Every time this year I'm at the shipper sending out quilts to various shows around the country or frequently online entering quilts here and there.  I've compiled a list of shows that I will have quilts in this Autumn.

Spokane Interstate Fair, Spokane Valley, WA - September 7th - 16thDiamonds On DisplayLost In OzAQS Fall Quilt Week, Paducah, KY - September 12th -15thCitrus PlayPositive IlluminationsMQX Midwest Quilt Show, Springfield, IL - September 19th - 22ndStratagem Northwest Quilting Expo, Portland, OR - September 27th - 29thPickle KnotsSparrows At Play  Quilts and Fiber Arts Expo, Everette, WA - October 12th - 14thFaux Hare FairMisprint Washington State Quilters Show, Spokane Valley, WA - October 19th -21stMore Stop Than GoLiliumDiamonds On DisplayThe Cool KidsPositive Illuminations 2.0 International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX, - November 8th -11thFringe Area I'm so…