My First Fabric Line - Sketchbook for Paintbrush Studio Fabrics!

I've been doing many behind the scene things this year and not much quilt making.  Some of the projects I've been working on include writing a book, magazine sewing and something I've been dying to share... designing my first fabric line, Sketchbook!

I started dreaming about designing fabric about 2 1/2 years ago.  I played around in Photoshop and researched how to make repeats but besides that I just jumped in to experimenting with textile design.  After designed an entire collection, not this one, I set it aside I got wrapped up in my first book, and about a year ago I sat down to design again.

I had design and made my quilt, Swatches, and was drawn to the black outlines I'd quilted around the pink swatch blocks in the quilt.  I wanted to translate that into a fabric design so I set out designing prints that had a sketched out feeling.  This is especially obvious in the panel.  I designed the panel to be used as a panel or large print.  I am, personally, excited to cut…

Bee Inspired Terrarium Quilt

A couple years ago I joined a quilting bee for the first time.  The group of ladies are amazing, see my Instagram post for more details on the group, and when it came time to do my prompt I chose a spring terrarium theme featuring improved pieced circles in green and flashes of spring flower colors.  My bee mates went above and beyond and sent in some gorgeous blocks.

I held onto the blocks for over a year when I finally decided to to cut them into quarter circles and mix and match the bits.  I then started playing with different layouts on my design wall and finally settled on an over lapping layout and finished the quilt!

After I'd finished the quilt I decided it need a little more and began to embellish it with Aurifil thread 12 wt.  The 12 wt worked perfectly.  It was easy to work with, which was important because I really don't know how to embroider, and the sheen added just the right amount of interest to the different shapes and forms.

I ended up using 7 different colors …

Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt Scavenger Hunt

Back in February I posted that I was participating in the Cotton Cuts puzzle mystery quilt, Name of the Rose.  After a long wait I finally get to share my clue/block for the the month of June in the Home Run colorway.

Name of the Rose Blocks

The Name of the Rose puzzle block kit came with easy to follow instructions, including pressing directions, and all the pre-cut fabric needed for the two blocks.  More importantly these two blocks will be included in a raffle quilt to benefit Valley Industries

Lastly I signed one of the blocks and shipped them off.  I'm really looking forward to the finished quilt and how these blocks will fit into the overall design.  For more information on the Name of the Rose Puzzle Mystery Quilt or upcoming puzzle quilts check out the Cotton Cuts website here.

Name of the Rose Blocks

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Tulip Chain Quilt

It's been a while, my quilt productivity has definitely been hurt during the stay at home order, which is finally lifting, but I finished a quilt.  My Tulip Chain quilt is a for fun project with a bit of a secret, nope I can share the secret quite yet.  I love the bright color palette and the versatile shape.

When I started designing this quilt I was thinking of tulip fields and the rainbow of colors that tulips come in but discovered, fairly quickly, that the shape takes can be representative of many things.  I've had people tell me that they look like tulips, cats, mixing bowls, fruit and Star Wars Storm Troopers.  I love that with a little tweaking of the color palette this quilt can change into the makers own vision.

When it came time to quilt the top I knew I wanted to make the background look like rain, given the spring theme and layout.  I also wanted to keep the quilting on the tulips very geometric to go with the feel of the blocks.

I used vertical lines broken up by…

New Quilt x2

I did it, I finished a quilt!  I haven't finished a throw size quilt since December and since I forgot to do a blog post about that quilt I have two quilts to share today.  My most recent finish is my Mishmash quilt.

This quilt is a combination of several different techniques, designs and quilting, a mishmash.  When I shared this quilt with a friend of mine she said that it looked like 3 different quilts all together and I couldn't agree more.  I wanted the design to look like three designs layered on top of each other.

Believe it or not what took me the longest on this quilt was the quilting.  I started this quilt back in January and finished the top fairly quickly but was stumped when it came to how to quilt this one.  This think what hung me up was the idea of mixing different styles and looks together.  When teaching about design I like to talk about picking a design theme to help when making design decisions the problem with this quilt was the theme of mixing styles d…

Kantha Project for Aurifil Artisan Challenge

In March Aurifil asked their Aurifil Artisans to complete a project using a Kantha stitch.  I was excited to try out some hand sewing but I wasn't sure what type of project I wanted to do.  When I looked up Kantha stitching I found out that women in India would use the stitch to sew together multiple layers of old saris to make cushions and garments from.  I wasn't about to make a garment but I was drawn to the idea of sewing layers together and settled on a fabric collage.

I started by pulling fabrics from my scrap drawers and tried to pick fabrics that had texture and a natural feel.  I also knew I wanted to use an Anna Marie Horner print and fussy cut this bird for the feature print.  I even found a bit of stripe fabric with the selvage left on it that I fell in love with.

It took me over an hour to get all the fabrics selected and another chunk of time getting them arranged.  I knew right off I wanted a darker background with lighter elements layered on top and when I was…