Infrastructure Week 10 - Top Assembly

YAY!  We've made it through all the rows and now it's time to start assembling the top.  Don't worry if you're not quite ready with all your rows, since this week is a less complicated week there is plenty of time to work on any unfinished rows.  Don't forget to check out Christa's blog for more tips on top assembly and basting for domestic machine quilting.

I have some quick top assembly tips, nothing earth shattering, but hopefully helpful.  I typically assemble my rows by doing the first half, in this case rows 1-5, then setting that aside and assembling the second half, rows 6-9.  Then I sew the two halves together.  This is really helpful when pressing seams.  Pressing seams gets a bit cumbersome at the end of the quilt, and by doing the top in two halves you don't have that problem.  If you look closely at the picture below I accidentally assembled one of the rows upside down but I correct the problem before quilting my top.

After the top is finished…

Infrastructure Week 9 - Row 9

You made it, the last row and it's a simple strip set so week 9 is also a great catch up week.  This week the Benartex Superior Solids being used are Magenta, Purple, Grape, Medium Gray and Charcoal.  Check out Christa's blog for more information on the Geo Pop version.

I think this is my favorite color combo so far.  The ombré is so calming and a great foundation for the rest of the quilt to stand on.

There have been a few other strip sets in the quilt and for more tips a tricks take a peek at weeks 2 - row 1, week 4 - rows 3 & 5 and week 7 - row 7.   I switched back to the medium-dark grey Aurifil 50 wt thread to piece row 9.  I had been using a mixture of white and medium-dark grey for the past few rows.

There you have it row 9 is complete!  I hope you've been able to see the quilt come together with each row we completed.  We'll be wrapping this one up before you know it.  Here's a peek of the finished Infrastructure quilt in the Benartex booth at Quilt Ma…

Quilt Show Round Up

That's it the last quilt show that I entered quilts in this year has come and gone and earlier in the same week I got two quilts with judges notes back from another show.  No ribbons this time around but I thought I'd share my judges notes, for growth and for laughs, hopefully.

First up, Lilium.  I entered Lilium in the PNW Quilts and Fiber Arts Festival, last year I entered Faux Hare Fair.  The judges' notes were short and sweet:
"The quilting is really beautiful on this quilt, really well done.  I like the background treatment.  Good color choice.  Peach is nice, a softener to the oranges."

Like I said short and sweet but this quilt did not win a ribbon.  I guess if I read between the lines, the judge might be suggesting that the orange was a little off putting but I really don't know.
Another quilt I had at the same show was my Moments quilt.  This quilt received high praise from the judges:
"I actually really love the background fabric.  The light c…

Infrastructure Week 8 - Row 8

This week's row is the second set of anvil blocks and the second to last row!  If you are following along with Benartex Superior Solids row 8 uses colors Raspberry and Dove.  For more details on the Geo Pop version check out Christa's blog post.

Since everyone made these block for row six this will be a great catch up week for any of those unfinished rows.

You can use the templates in the pattern or other compatible templates and dye like the Tri-Recs Tool or the AccuQuilt 4" Triangle in Square dye.  Both of these are great tools to have in your collection.  I, personally use the Tri-Recs Tool all the time.

GIVEAWAY TIME!  This week Make Modern Magazine is partnering with us again and giving away a 6 month subscription to their magazine.  I really enjoy Make Modern there are plenty of great projects and articles that are sure to inspire and encourage your quilty endeavors. 

Leaving a comment below is the only way to be eligible to win. This will be the same for each week&…

A Quilt Design Secret - I EQ **GIVEAWAY**

As many of you know I design quilts in Photoshop, so you might be wondering why I use EQ8 for quilt design.  I use Photoshop as my sketch book but I use EQ8 when I'm ready to make my quilts and to write patterns..

I recently designed my quilt Ingress/Egress in Photoshop.  Picking my colors and shapes is a very fluid process for me since I've been using Photoshop since 2000.

After getting a design I was pleased with I then design the block(s) in EQ8  Sometimes there is just one block like my Why Knot quilt and other times there are several blocks to design like this one.  I can add as much detail as I want when making the block and then apply it to your quilt.

As you can see the two designs are very similar but there are advantages to switching to EQ8 when executing a quilt design.  I like designing in Photoshop, it's where I'm comfortable but adding seams to my shapes, applying actual fabric swatches, making templates and calculating fabric is where EQ8 shines.

The ab…

Infrastructure Week 7 - Row 7

Row 7 is here and we're really in the home stretch now.  I'll be going over the Superior Solid's for this week's row and Christa has the Geo Pop version right now on her blog!  There are two yellows, Sunshine and Yellow, and one gray, Gray, in row 7.

This week is another grey and yellow row.  Even though the two yellows look very similar the one is a touch more green than the other and is a nice way to transition into the purples.

This is another great week to chain piece.  After adding the end units to the yellow strips you can continue to sew the strips together with the same color on top in sets of two then sew those sets together in twos after pressing the seams open.

This row comes together quickly and before you know it your top will be done, just two more rows to go.  Speaking of finishing, I have a sneak peek of my finished Infrastructure quilt.  I know I shouldn't have worked ahead but I had to finish my quilt in time to hang in the Benartex's booth a…