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What Is Love? Free Modern Block Event - Quilt Layouts!

    After you got the the What Is Love? signup page and enter your email you'll have 15 modern block patterns delivered to your inbox.  Now what?  You might want to just play with the blocks and enjoy the creative experience without an end goal but most of us will want to make a quilt.  I've put together a couple layouts to consider.   The simplest approach is to make 2 of each block and layout 7 rows of 6.  This will give you a quilt that is 60'' x 72'', a perfect throw and very versatile.  This option also means you can make this quilt at uniform or as scrappy as you want.  But what if you want something more thematic?  How about a giant heart quilt! This quilt uses 2 of each block but also includes 21 half square triangles 6'' x 6'' fini, you can even pick your favorite block and showcase in the upper left of the heart.  This layout makes a 90'' x 90'' quilt, so basically a short queen quilt.  Here is a more detailed layout f

What Is Love? - Meet the Designers

  Through the What Is Love? collaboration , I've had the honor of working with some pretty amazing designers! Each of these ladies have been an inspiration and it's been a joy working with them. I hope you will take this opportunity to get to know their work better.       Anna Brown, Wax and Wane Studio Anna’s inspiration for the Mirroring block: “ The moon is many different things, including a mirror that reflects your inner world. Your emotions and energy levels wax and wane just as the moon does. I see this as a learning opportunity. Learn to love the moon, learn to love the cycles, and learn to love yourself. When you can love yourself you can share more love with others. As Sarah Faith Gottesdiener says in The Moon Book, “What do you call a lover that you keep chasing after, knowing even with their reciprocity, you’ll never reach their essence, never quite touch, and yet they also live inside of you, always? I call this the moon. Others call this love.” See more by Ann