Infrastructure Week 7 - Row 7

Row 7 is here and we're really in the home stretch now.  I'll be going over the Superior Solid's for this week's row and Christa has the Geo Pop version right now on her blog!  There are two yellows, Sunshine and Yellow, and one gray, Gray, in row 7.

This week is another grey and yellow row.  Even though the two yellows look very similar the one is a touch more green than the other and is a nice way to transition into the purples.

This is another great week to chain piece.  After adding the end units to the yellow strips you can continue to sew the strips together with the same color on top in sets of two then sew those sets together in twos after pressing the seams open.

This row comes together quickly and before you know it your top will be done, just two more rows to go.  Speaking of finishing, I have a sneak peek of my finished Infrastructure quilt.  I know I shouldn't have worked ahead but I had to finish my quilt in time to hang in the Benartex's booth a…

Infrastructure Week 6 - Row 6

Now that everyone is practiced making triangles in blocks it's time to make some more this week!  For the solid version on Infrastructure we will be using Superior Solids Light Yellow and Charcoal.  For more information on the Geo Pop version please visit Christa's blog.

After cutting instructions you'll end up with yellow side units and squares with charcoal triangles.  This block uses negative space to create the anvil shape.

Each picture or object has both negative and positive space.  For example type the letter "A"the positive space is the black and the negative space is the white, both together for the letter.  Unlike row 4 where the triangles were the positive space and the side pieces were the negative space, row 6 reverses the roles making the triangle the negative space.

By playing with the negative and positive space of a unit or block in a quilt design you can completely change the look of your design without changing the piecing method.  I hope afte…

Aurifil Five Thread Color Challenge

This month's challenge for Aurifil Artisan's was to make something using at least five thread colors, I used NINE!

I started my design by first picking my color palette by pulling threads from my stash.  I started with my go to blue, pink and yellow and quickly added black white.  The orange and green were thrown in to round out my palette.

I did a deep stash dive to pick out my matching fabrics and chose a floral with a similar color palette to represent the white thread.  As you can see from the picture I fine tuned my fabric pull and changed out the background fabric for a textured cream woven cotton.

After I had my palette and fabric selected I used my Aurifil Thread, Forty3, to quilt the background fabric with an uneven grid.  From there I placed the circles with a piece of wool batting under them and quilted them down with Aurifil 28 wt thread.

The wool batting added some extra character to the circles and I love using Aurifil 28 wt and Forty3 so really show off the qui…

Infrastructure Week 5 - Row 4

Week for was a great week 4 taking it easy, catching up or working ahead on your Infrastructure quilt.  This week there is a little more prepping and sewing but Christa and I give you a little extra help to get through it.

If you're following along with Benartex Superior Solids, row 4 uses colors: Mint, Lime, Kelly Green, Green and white.  This week I also switched from piecing with a medium dark grey to white 50 wt Aurifil Thread.

Also this week is our first week with triangles.  The Infrastructure pattern is compatible with the Tri-Recs tool and the units are easily cut with a 45mm OLFA rotary cutter.  The pattern templates and the Tri-Recs tool work the exact same way and for more details on using the Tri-Recs tool please visit Christa's website where she's posted some fantastic videos.

When you're done cutting out all the units for row 4 you will have three differnt colored triangles and white left and right side units, please see image above.  It's important …

Infrastructure Week 4 - Row 3 & 5

I hope everyone enjoyed week 3 and making some flying geese, then some more flying geese and oh yeah, some more.  With Christa's Fast Flying Geese method it really wasn't bad.  This week's sewing is super easy and will leave plenty of time to finish up row 2, if needed.
There is also a SUPER exciting giveaway so don't forget to enter by leaving a comment, read on for more details.

This week we will be sewing rows 3 and 5.  Both are strip sets that span the width of the quilt.  I also want to mention that I switched to piecing with white Aurifil thread for row 5 and stuck with medium grey for row 3, both 50 wt.

If you're following along with Benartex Superior Solids please use colors, medium gray and gray for row 3 and turquoise, aqua and white for row 5.

After cutting for rows 3 and 5 you will have a set of strips.  When sewing long strips it's important to make sure you cut them very accurately, no knees or elbows on those strips please.  This will help the s…

Infrastructure Week 3 - Row 2

I hope everyone had a successful row 1 and picked up some good tips on fussy cutting and piecing techniques.  Week 3 is all about flying geese and more flying geese but thankfully Christa has included in a the pattern Fast Flying Geese instructions. (To read more about Row 1 click here.)

If you're following along with solids this week we're using Charcoal, Tomato Red, Tangerine and Squash.  Charcoal is the background and the color solids make the geese.

When you've completed the cutting instructions all the small squares will be in the dark grey and all the larger squares will be in the red and oranges.

After all the units are cut it's time to make some flying geese.  Christa has a detail tutorial on her blog for how to make Fast Flying Geese.  This was the first time I'd used this method to make geese and I'm hooked.  I love that there is minimal waste and that they are easy to chain piece.

After your geese are made and trimmed up to size piece them into colu…