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This One's for Me.

The last time I made a quilt without a deadline was my Balance and Fade quilt in July.  It was also the last time I designed and created a quilt for no other purpose than the joy of the process... until now.  Here's my Stratagem quilt!

The inspiration for this quilt came from a Parcheesi game board and the first time I saw Parcheesi was on Christmas morning so the timing of this finish couldn't be more perfect.

My dad got my sister and I a board game a piece for Christmas one year when we were kids.  She got Parcheesi and I got Tripoley.  Upon opening the gift I was very unappreciative, teasing my dad for picking such an "uncool" gift but after a bit of persuasion we played Parcheesi and had a blast.  We eventually played Tripoley and it was a great too.
As you can see from the game board above the overall design of the quilt meant only to capture the feel of the Parcheesi board and not be a literal representation but the quilting patterns I chose come directly from …

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