Pinball Wizard Block from Patchwork & Quilting Basics

When I was at Fall Quilt Market I got a chance to preview my friend's new book New Patchwork & Quilting Basics: A Handbook for Beginners by Jo Avery and was completely taken by the concept and beautiful projects in the book.  When Jo asked me if I'd review the book I jumped at the opportunity to take a closer look at her inspiring book.

As I went through the book I knew as soon as I saw Jo's Pinball Wizard quilt that I'd have to try making a block from that design to share.

It is such a great design and my block came together so fast.  I started by selecting the fabrics I wanted and tracing the templates for paper piecing.  I wanted my Pinball Wizard block to have a fresh spring color palette with a mix of solids and prints.

This is the perfect project for a beginner paper piecer or a more advanced quilter looking for a fast make with plenty of impact.  It came together quickly and gave me a great idea for improve pieced curves that I will use later.

Since the fee…

Festoons from Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

Now that I'm back from QuiltCon I thought it would be a good time to share my Festoons quilt from Daisy and my book, Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes.

Along with the quilt I'm also excited to share that my quilty friend Alyce Blyth, Blossom Heart Quilts, wrote up a review of the book and posted it on her blog.  I really appreciate the time Alyce took to go over the book and share her impressions.

 Alyce also has a book out, Mini Masterpieces!  I love how cheerful all the projects are.  I hope everyone take a moment to check out the review on Alyce's site and her book.

When I designed this quilt I was thinking of a late 19th century church picnic, think Polyanna or Anne of Green Gables, and I wanted to use bright colors and vertical lines in both the design and the quilting.  I even improv pieced the festoon block inner half circles too give the design more motion and playfulness.

I used several different thread colors for the quilting to recreate the feel of a parlo…

Retro Spin from Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

Next design I'd like to share from the book is my Retro Spin quilt.  This quilt is a modern version of a quilt sampler and features a great retro color palette.

This week Pat Sloan has some behind the scene details about Daisy and my book, Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes!  Her post shares some of the books origin and the unique efforts Daisy and I put into the book.

Pat did an amazing job to take time a learn more about Daisy and I and reviewing the book and I hope everyone will take the time to head over to her blog and check it out with all the other wonderful quilty goodness on Pat's website.

Retro Spin is one of two quilts I didn't make a printed stripe version but there are instructions in the book for the pieced and printed striped versions.

This is one of my favorite designs from the book.  I love the color palette and the movement created by "spinning" some of the blocks different directions.  The offset border is a fun way to add an unexpected el…

QuiltCon Magazine COVER QUILT!

Now that QuiltCon is finally here I can share that not only did I get a design accepted into QuiltCon Magazine and consequently QuiltCon but it also made it's way onto the cover!  The hardcopies are just hitting shops and the digital version is now available on the Quilting Daily website.

When I designed this quilt my goal was to design a modern quilt with curves and stripes but have it completely different than the quilts in Daisy and my book, Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes.  I wasn't planning on submitting it to QuiltCon Magazine but when I saw they were looking for submissions I sent in my email with a mock up of the design and crossed my fingers.  I wasn't sure that this simple design was what they were looking for.

The first design was all in black and white but when I saw the stripe it reminded me of a printer cleaning or test page so I decided to all the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow accents.  I also "folded" the upper right and lower right corners in …

Aurora from Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

Out today my friend Jenny Haynes, Papper Sax Sten, has posted a review of Daisy and my book Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes!  I love seeing all the reviews and reading the different things people got out of exploring the book.  In the spirit of Jenny's review I thought it would be the perfect time to share my Aurora quilt from the book.

Jenny makes some fabulous Double Drunkard's Path Templates and I have been using them for years, for example my Clambake quilt.  I really like the size and Jenny's squaring up template included in the set.

Several of the patterns in Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes are compatible with Jenny's templates, remember if you're using the templates to add some extra yardage to account for the trimming/squaring.
Aurora was inspired by a sunrise so I wanted to keep the colors on the cooler side and less saturated than a quilt inspired by a sunset.  Just like all my designs in the book there are alternative instructions and fabr…

Portals from Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

In honor on my friend Yvonne, Quilting Jet Girl, I've decided to share more of my Portal Quilt in the post.  Yvonne recently posted a book review for Daisy and my book Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes.

Along with a quick book review Yvonne is sponsoring a book giveaway!  Go to Yvonne's site and follow the link to enter the giveaway.  One lucky winner will receive a copy of Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes!

My Portal quilt has a great subtle stripe in the background and a great sci-fi theme.  Each of the green portal blocks are closed but there is one open portal block. It's a fun quilt to design especially for my nerdy, Star Trek TOS loving, self.

This was one of the harder quilts in the book for me to make.  It's not the most technically difficult but there were so many strip sets to make.

That is why this quilt is perfect for a printed stripe!  When I made the printed stripe alternative I used a high contrast stripe and my favorite PINK.

Along with Yvonne…