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Quilting Practice

As I've mentioned before I recently got a Gammill Statler Stitcher and have been really enjoying getting to know my machine.  This week I finished my 8th quilt on my longarm, EIGHT!  I can't believe it.  While I can't show that quilt I can show you another quilt I finished right before it.

The inspiration for this quilt top came from the Pendleton Wool Mills series of National Park quilts and the desire for simplicity.  I made this quilt top at a a recent guild retreat and knew that I wanted to use  this relatively simple quilt to experiment with different quilting motifs.

One of the techniques I really wanted to try out was some free hand work, check out the yellow and pink sections.

I used the design software to create the hexagons then I filled in around them by hand.  I did a similar technique with the circles.  I used the software to quilt a grid then filled in the squares with circles.  I thought I was getting the hang of it and feeling pretty cool when I realized t…

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