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Unused Designs

Over the past year I've designed many quilts.  Some I've completed, some I've pieced a top for and others I've purchased fabric for and the others well are sitting on my computer or in my notebook and will never be made.  Even though I like these designs for one reason or another I'm not going to make them but if any of you want to have a go you are more than welcome to use them.  These pictures are all screen shots so if you would like more information on a design please contact me.
 LOST GEESE Lost Geese was inspired by a pillow of metallic triangles.  I just couldn't capture the look I wanted without true metallic fabrics.
UNTITLED I'm not sure where I was going with this so I just stopped before I got too far into the process.  I think the right fabric choices and this could be great.

SUBMARINES I like this design I just don't think I'd make this quilt.  Again this was inspired from a shape on a pillow, it reminded me of a submarine.

I hope eve…

"What... wait, I think I just got a quilt in Quiltcon."

Those were the first words out of my mouth when I received one of two acceptance letters from the MQG in my inbox today.

I am completely surprised and thrilled and excited and shocked!  Two of the three original quilts I entered in to Quiltcon West 2016 were accepted into the show!!  The lucky quilts are:

I want to give a big thanks to Jennifer from Simply Imagined Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of my quilts I know it helped in the selection process.
Let us not forget Canoe Paddles.  Unfortunately, Canoe Paddles was not selected even though it is the nearest and dearest to my heart.  In addition to my original three entries I also entered a quilt for the Michael Miller fabric challenge and two other quilts since I had two more entry spots to fill, Paris Medallion and Chest of Drawers, none of which were accepted.  That said I am overjoyed to have any quilts accepted at all.
My head is still in a whirl over the two entries and I couldn't be more pleased with the o…


I don't usually devote an entire post to a work in progress but it's been a while since I've posted anything.  Life has been crazy.  First I went on vacation, then we experienced the worse power outages in 126 years, next my daughter's 2nd birthday and finally Thanksgiving.  Not leaving much time for quilting.  I did manage to finish a quilt top today (60 x 72):
My inspiration is an Ashley Goldberg print, design 0440a.

It might not be in the "spirit" of improv sewing to follow a pattern but I needed to ease into the technique.  Just going for it was overwhelming I found I could conquer not measuring, figuring, and cutting  a block at a time.  I think the improvisation mimics the casual feel of the original print. 
Time to sandwich.  I'm trying to decided between two cotton and steal fabrics for the backing both from the Paper Bandanna line:

I can't wait to see this quilt finished.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Lily's Quilt

I finished the triangle quilt.

Now you may have noticed that this looks different from the quilt top I shared in an earlier post, it is.  After I finished sewing the binding it I threw it in the wash with a set of coral, expensive sheet, and a color catcher, poor choice.  The sheet bleed and dyed the boarder a soft pink-orange, a yellow piece of fabric to golden and half of the binding from a true grey to blue-grey.  I was devastated but then I showed the quilt to three people asking them if they could see my BIG mistake and they couldn't so I've decided it's ok to still give to Lily.  Lesson learned, even expensive sheets bleed color.  I ship the quilt off tomorrow and am overall pleased with the look, dye and everything.  I actually made Lily a stroller sized rag quilt in the same fabric (Hometown by Sweet Water)  when my friend got her.  My late husband liked this fabric line also.  My first quilt was made with this line, it's gotten alot of usage.
A quick side note…

Room for Improvement

I had three quilts in the Washington State Quilters show this weekend, no awards this time around.  There were over 500 quilts and 50 vendors and a great show to attend.  It is a very traditional show with one small modern quilt category.  Unlike the other categories modern quilts are awarded ribbons based on attendee votes.  It is not a juried show so it is not uncommon to see quilts designed by person x, pieced by person y and quilted by person z.  My impression is the most valued part of a quilt in this show is the quilting which leads me to why I titled this post 'Room for Improvement."  My quilting needs help!  Yet another goal for next year, work on my free motion quilting.  I've decided to make Monday's Free Motion Monday and use some of my leftover blocks to work on quilting.  If I ever want to improve I need to practice, so goes life.
Here are some of the quilts at this years show:

There were also some really great vintage quilts on display.

Odds and Ends

I haven't finished any big projects lately, one is ready to sandwich and anther is completely cut and ready to piece, but I have completed several smaller projects recently, including two pillows, a basket and zipper pouch.  I also did a wall hanging quilt for my friend's new office.

I used stash fabrics for the petals and Zen Chic's Modern Backgrounds for, of course, the background.  I really like the over feel of the medium grey.

I hope it will brighten her office.  The finish size is 40" x 48" and I added hanging sleeves on two sides so it can be hung horizontal or vertical.

Changing gears, each year I set a handful of skill building goals for myself.  This year I wanted to try curve piecing and on point layout.  Thankfully I did both and it feels great!  I've already made a list for next year some of the items on the list include: Double wedding ring quiltPineapple log cabin quiltTriangle piecingImprove pieced quiltUse my stash more 
Even though it'…

Two Down...

I got two quilts done this weekend, YAY!  The first to be completed was  the Jacob's ladder quilt for a church auction.  I'm pretty sure I'll do another Jacob's ladder quilt in the future there are so many combinations and great patterns with these two timeless blocks.

This quilt came together quit quickly and it was enjoyable to piece all those half square triangles and four patches, I've been on a curve piecing binge lately so the straight stitching was GREAT.  I used a Cotton and Steel print for the backing, yes again.  I love the sea of roses and it allowed me to use a complimentary color for the binding, green.  My first choice was the bubble gum pink but then I remembered that this quilt needs to appeal to a larger audience.

The second project finished was a modern quilt I designed  after stumbling across a Finn Juhl piece of furniture.  This is the first truly modern quilt I've done in a while.
This quilt is on the smaller side, 40" x 50" …

Shocked & Thrilled

I entered a quilt, Paris Medallion, in our local fair this year.  I did it for fun and to support my niece who'd entered 8 photos.  I didn't have too many expectations, I really didn't know how the fair's judging worked.  Last Tuesday I dropped off my quilt at the fair grounds and saw piles of blue, red and white ribbons.  This peaked my curiosity so I searched online and found the following:
"The Spokane County Interstate Fair uses the Danish System of judging. The Danish System judges each exhibit against a standard, as opposed to the American System, where the exhibits compete against each other and only one exhibit is awarded 1st, 2nd 3rd etc. In the Danish System exhibits are awarded blue, red or white ribbons, or no ribbon based on how well they met the standard. Blue is the highest award (excluding special or champion awards) that you can earn in this system.My English Paper Piecing Journey
At that point I felt there was a chance that I'd …

Really Quick

Oh so I almost forgot here's the full picture of my Michael Miller Challenge quilt.

As I mentioned before I was not prepared to do this challenge.  In fact I'd finished up my Riley Blake challenge quilt just days before getting the fabric for this one and had told myself only one challenge a year, oops.  After a moment of, oh gosh now what do I make, I hit the Internet and found a book cover from the 1950's that I fell in love with.  I started to draw up this quilt with that cover in mind.  In the end I'm happy with how it turned out.
This will be quilt #4 entered to Quiltcon 2016.  I honestly think it will be a miracle if any get in to the show.  I know I'm not a "modern" quilter under the strict definition of the term so I'm keeping my expectations low.  Thank goodness for non-juried local shows like the Interstate Fair and Washington State Quilter show.
Here's another close up shot.

Another Good Week

I finished the charity quilt (Jacob's ladder) quilt top and got the backing ready to sandwich this week.  Now I just have to wait for the stars to align and then I can get it all basted together.   Sorry no pictures yet.
I also finished my daughter's TV quilt, Retro Wavelengths.

I really like how bright this quilt is.  It's  a take off on my Retro TV quilt I designed a couple years back.  I was never 100% pleased with the raw edge applique I used to make the screen but since I hadn't done any curve piecing it was the only way I could think to do them.  One of my goals this year was to tackle curve piecing and here it is!

In addition to the Cotton and Steel fabric I used for the screens I also custom made the screen on the bottom left.

Finally here is the back.

I think the theme came together nicely and CoraJoan seems to really like it.  At least she screams with excitement when I lay it on the floor for her.

Busy Busy Busy

I had a very productive week.  I finished my Michael Miller challenge quilt for Quiltcon 2016.  I've already entered three quilts, fingers crossed, and will be entering this one as well.  I didn't realize that I had confirmed delivery of the challenge fabrics so it was a surprise when I got them and then realized I had to design a quilt for submission.  Here's a sneak peek:
My fabulous niece, who's a great photographer, said she'd help me with some entry pictures.
I also sandwiched my daughter's retro TV quilt.  I find that my quilt 'bottle neck' is often sandwiching.  I have one window to sandwich a quilt and it's when I'm home with free time and my daughter is sleeping, not all that frequent.
I've loved Melody Miller's fabric designs for years and was so excited to be able to use her viewfinder print from her Playful line for this backing.  The theme was perfect.  The fabric I used for the TV screens is another Cotton and Steel fabric…