Another Good Week

I finished the charity quilt (Jacob's ladder) quilt top and got the backing ready to sandwich this week.  Now I just have to wait for the stars to align and then I can get it all basted together.   Sorry no pictures yet.

I also finished my daughter's TV quilt, Retro Wavelengths.

I really like how bright this quilt is.  It's  a take off on my Retro TV quilt I designed a couple years back.  I was never 100% pleased with the raw edge applique I used to make the screen but since I hadn't done any curve piecing it was the only way I could think to do them.  One of my goals this year was to tackle curve piecing and here it is!

In addition to the Cotton and Steel fabric I used for the screens I also custom made the screen on the bottom left.

Finally here is the back.

I think the theme came together nicely and CoraJoan seems to really like it.  At least she screams with excitement when I lay it on the floor for her.

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