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Quilt Glamour Shots 2017

It's that time of year again when I get professional pictures of the quilts I want to enter in shows or make into patterns.  I worked with Jennifer of Simply Imagined Photography again this year.  She primarily does family photography so it is very kind of her to help me out with my quilts each year.  With that being said here are this year's pictures!

There it is, 7 of the 9 quilts I had photographed this year, two of them are secret sew projects that I can't show right now but eventually.  I entered all of these, except for Quarter Hours, to QuiltCon so now it's a wait and see game.  All in all I entered 10 quilts to QuiltCon and because of the new rules, they will only accept 5 quilts from one quilter for exhibit, I know right off the bat that 5 of them will be rejected and quite possibly more.  There are so many talented modern quilters out there I know the competition will be fierce.
Speaking of quilt shows I have my All's Fair in Love and Board Games mini quilt…

Scandinavian Pathway - Make Brown Modern

I'm so excited to announce that I have a quilt/pattern in the most recent issue of Modern Patchwork.  The Sep/Oct issue is available for purchase in paper and digital formats  HERE.

I started this quilt back in January and shipped it off to the publisher in March so it has been really hard to keep the secret this long.  It all started with giving myself two challenges: 1) Work with a new color palette 2) Make brown modern!

This is the third time I've worked with the team at Modern Patchwork and I just really appreciate how easy they are to work with, very professional and friendly.  I had actually given my quilt another name but the editors thought there may have been a copyright issue, evidently someone else has used the title Norwegian Wood, sheez ;) but they took time and renamed my quilt to Scandinavian Pathway and it's perfect!  I've mentioned before that naming my quilts is the hardest part.  I'm seriously considering using a number system in 2018.
I'm start…