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QuiltCon 2019 - Summary of My Quilts

I'm back and finally getting over being exhausted but I had an amazing time at QuiltCon this year.  I think the best part of the show is running into so many fellow quilters that I've only met online, meeting all the new people and seeing old friends! 

I had four quilts in the competition part of the show, two in the Quilt of the Month showcase and the giveaway quilt.  I received judges notes on the four quilts in the competition portion of the show.  I would like to share the judges comments in hopes it will make them less terrifying and encourage others to enter in QuiltCon and other shows.  First up Colonnade, by far my favorite make of 2018:

QuiltCon judges notes vary from other quilt shows in that they don't give a quantified score.  Pluses next to one of the considerations indicates that the quilt being evaluated excelled in that area, or at least that is how it has been explained to me and then the judges leave comments on the bottom of the page.  I think Colonnad…

Lilium - Kona Cotton Color of the Year Quilt

For the last two years my guild has done a theme with a challenge.  Last year's theme was solids and the challenge was to make a mini quilt with only solids in three colors, please see my Lost in Oz quilt that hung at QuiltCon this year.  This year the theme is curves and the challenge was to make a 50" x 60" quilt using curves and the Kona color of the year, Tiger Lily.
Tiger Lily is a really great color of orange red and was my inspiration for the quilt name.  I added some other soft Kona Solids and a few Cotton and Steel prints to finish up the design.

I decided early on to quilt each of the background colors with a different motif and to use the prints as my quilting inspiration for the circles.

I really love the look of orange peels and they find their way onto quite a few of my quilts but before my Gammill I could only successfully execute 4" circles the orange peel on this quilt is 1 1/2"!

On the back are a couple Cotton and Steel prints from their Pool…

Introducing Maritime Quilt with Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun

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About a month or so I was asked by Robert Kaufman to design a quilt for their new Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun fabrics.  I was so elated to see they included stripes, check and solids.

This is quilt pattern will be available as a free downloadable pattern on Robert Kaufman's site.  I really enjoyed working with the new Essex Yarn Dyed Homespun.  They are so soft and have so much texture, I'll definitely be using them again especially that micro stripe.  I also couldn't believe my luck when I saw the color palette and it included one of my all time favorite colors, Nantucket red.  The collection also includes stripes and checks in black, grey and two more blues.  The blues are also available as solids.

One of the biggest challenges with this design was matching all those pieced stripes.  Thankfully by the time I'd finished piecing the top I'd come up with a cutting and n…