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Ladders Quilt Pattern

[UPDATED 12/01/2017]  

The Ladders quilt is a beginner level pattern featuring a modern color palette and minimalist design.  The layering of colors adds depth to the quilt, while the negative space is a great opportunity to let your quilting creativity shine.  This design will look great in solids, prints or a mix of both.  The Ladders quilt pattern is now available for purchase on !!

The jumping off point for this design was my Urban Trek quilt.  I took one element, interlocking stripes, from the Urban Trek quilt and expanded it into a lap size or large wall hanging quilt.  This is a great quilt for those looking for a quick easy modern project and because there are only four colors in the color palette it's easily customized.

As soon as I get a chance I'm going to make this quilt with a mix of solids and prints.  I think there is a perfect Cotton + Steel print for the background.  Here are the fabric requirements:

Brown: 1 7/8 yards
Aqua: 1/2 yard
Grey: 3/4 yard
Off W…

Random Design Influence

I don't know how this happens but I the 90's keep creeping into my designs, which is funny because I don't have the fondest memories of the 1990's, I did meet my late husband in 1997 but that was probably the highlight of the decade for me.  My latest quilt is inspired by and old Panasonic stereo I had in junior high and thanks to a quick google search here it is.

In particular, I was inspired by the audio mixing controls and I couldn't even begin to tell you why.  That being said, I set out to design a quilt.  I chose a bright color palette from my the solids in my stash but wasn't satisfied with my design until I rotated it 90º counter clockwise and added a white border.  My Balance & Fade quilt is definitely bright and cheerful.

If you're able to rotate this picture clockwise 90º you can see my original design.  I also used a combination of straight lines to quilt this design and I added an accent thread color in the pink and blue.  For this accent I u…

Quilt Shows Show and Tell

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has been over for almost a fortnight now but I still wanted to give a quick run down of the show.

First off, quilts, quilts and more quilts and to be completely honest I didn't see them all, I didn't even try.  I really enjoyed all the quilts I saw but at a certain point even I was tired of looking.  I would recommend going to the Sisters show if you get a chance it was amazing.  After a bit I was able to find my Mountain Scene quilt at the show and had to control myself from bee lining to the Best of Quiltcon showcase and my Modern Stepping Stones quilt.

I think by far my favorite part of the show was running into Shelly Nelson the maker of the quilt below:

Shelly is a general manager of a McDonald's in Oregon and made her quilt from her old uniforms.  I saw her quilt on Instagram but didn't find it at the show.  I was so delighted to run into her while picking up our quilts.  It is such a great quilt and I wore some of those same shirts m…

Intentional Design Misprint

I can't believe we're half way through the year and I've finished 18 quilts so far! Seven minis, two quilts from patterns, two secret sew projects and seven original designs throw size quilts including my latest finish my Misprint quilt.
I began designing this quilt last year for the APQ nine patch challenge for Quiltcon, obviously I missed the point of the challenge even though each dot and it's shadow is a nine patch.  My original inspiration were the light bulbs used in old signage and was black and white with an accent color for the dots which were centered on the quilt.
The first version of the design was a bit, well, boring so I started to play around with it and added the ombre´ and took away a few of the dots to create a border.  This was much better but I knew it could beimproved upon.  Then I moved all the dots off the background to add some stripes, EUREKA!  My light bulbs all the sudden fell into place, or should I say out of place, and it reminded me of a mi…