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Back and Quilting

I'm back from Pasadena.  I had a wonderful time taking in all the beautiful quilts showcased there.  Even my mother, who claims not to have a creative bone in her body, enjoyed looking at the quilts.  I encourage you to do a google search of this year's show, or click on the link to see an image search I've done.

Almost as soon as I was unpacked I started working on my next quilt, Modern Stepping Stones.
I really enjoyed making this quilt, I suppose that's why it came together so quickly.  It got it's name for a couple reasons: 1) the circles look like stepping stones and 2) symbolically I feel this quilt and the last have been stepping stones into my quilty point of view.

I really liked piecing this quilt.  I love problem solving and this designed gave me the opportunity to work with a new technique.

As usual, I quilted this on my domestic machine using a walking foot.  I was inspired by the quilting on the Eames Block Quilt by Lorena Maranon.  I love how the circles …

Quiltcon Tomorrow!

I'm off to my first Quiltcon on Thursday!  Before I go I wanted to share with you the new quilts I've designed and can't wait to get started on.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I've really found my quilty self in bold geometric designs.
This is a redesign of an earlier quilt I made but it was the first taste into geometric modern design.
I designed this quilt while working on Chevrons Revisited Quilt.  This design is pieced and ready to sandwich.

I was inspired by the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club and a Brabantia ironing board cover to create this design.  I've purchased fabric for this quilt.
And finally the PTE quilt.  This was originally designed in yellow and blue as a Kona Highlight project but I loved the colors so much from design 3 I repeated them in this quilt.
I'm going to be very busy the coming months making these quilts.  I'm hoping to enter all in Quiltcon East 2017, deadline November!

Speaking of Quiltcon, there's an article in our local paper …

I'm Starting to Think I'm a Modern Quilter

I've been dying to make this post!  Last night I finished a quilt I designed at Christmas, Chevrons Revisited.  My inspiration was a modern print by Alexander Gorlizki I stumbled across on Pinterest.  I fell for the colors instantly and the way the orange, which is typically very loud, faded into the background with the tan.
I started designing in Photoshop using close to the same color scheme and an equally geometric design.
Then I paused and asked myself, 'How in the world do a piece that because I don't applique?'  Fortunately I love both problem solving and piecing.  I quickly came up with a pattern and bought material.  The top came together with very little trouble and then I paused again to ask myself, 'How do I quilt this and maintain the overall feel of the design?'  In the end I matched my thread and echo quilted most of the top.  The circle were a bit of a challenge, I even hand quilted a set of circles in the black stripe, but I pushed through, bound …

A Quilty Revelation


I wanted to challenge myself and try improvisational piecing and set out to do a project that I could handle as well as enjoy.  During one of my many graphic art searches I stumbled onto a design by Ashley Goldberg, 0440a, and thought it would be fun to recreate the design as an improv quilt.  I know it's kind of an oxymoron to use a "pattern" to improv piece but I wanted a good jumping off point.

Above is the original design that was my inspiration and below is the finished quilt.

Even though my brain was going to explode by the end of this project I think the finished quilt caught the spirit of the original design using fabric to mimic the strokes of Ashley Goldberg's design.
I fell back into my comfort zone by choosing a Cotton and Steel fabric for the backing.
When I began quilting this I was really going out on a limb.  I typically mark my quilts with a ruler all over but this time I just started quilting.  I wanted to mimic doodles which …