I'm Starting to Think I'm a Modern Quilter

I've been dying to make this post!  Last night I finished a quilt I designed at Christmas, Chevrons Revisited.  My inspiration was a modern print by Alexander Gorlizki I stumbled across on Pinterest.  I fell for the colors instantly and the way the orange, which is typically very loud, faded into the background with the tan.

Alexander Gorlizki
I started designing in Photoshop using close to the same color scheme and an equally geometric design.

Chevron Revisited (mockup)
Then I paused and asked myself, 'How in the world do a piece that because I don't applique?'  Fortunately I love both problem solving and piecing.  I quickly came up with a pattern and bought material.  The top came together with very little trouble and then I paused again to ask myself, 'How do I quilt this and maintain the overall feel of the design?'  In the end I matched my thread and echo quilted most of the top.  The circle were a bit of a challenge, I even hand quilted a set of circles in the black stripe, but I pushed through, bound the quilt and finished.

Chevrons Revisited

Since designing this quilt I've designed several other very modern very geometric quilts and am excited about all of them.  I think I've found my quilty point of view at last!  I guess I really am more of a modern quilter than I thought.

Back: Anna Maria Horner - Fibs and Fables - Helios in Fire
Speaking of modern quilting.  There is finally an official Modern Quilt Guild in the Spokane, WA area.  Inland Northwest Modern Quilt Guild.  The next open sew day is Feb 13th at the Spice and Vine from 10:30 to 5:00.

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