Back and Quilting

I'm back from Pasadena.  I had a wonderful time taking in all the beautiful quilts showcased there.  Even my mother, who claims not to have a creative bone in her body, enjoyed looking at the quilts.  I encourage you to do a google search of this year's show, or click on the link to see an image search I've done.

Summer Sunset hanging at Quiltcon

Almost as soon as I was unpacked I started working on my next quilt, Modern Stepping Stones.

Modern Stepping Stones
I really enjoyed making this quilt, I suppose that's why it came together so quickly.  It got it's name for a couple reasons: 1) the circles look like stepping stones and 2) symbolically I feel this quilt and the last have been stepping stones into my quilty point of view.

Modern Stepping Stones - detail
I really liked piecing this quilt.  I love problem solving and this designed gave me the opportunity to work with a new technique.

Modern Stepping Stones - quilting
As usual, I quilted this on my domestic machine using a walking foot.  I was inspired by the quilting on the Eames Block Quilt by Lorena Maranon.  I love how the circles were quilted using a mix of straight lines and circles.

Modern Stepping Stones - back
The backing fabric is Typography: Script in Lavender by Jessica Jones.  The text reads, "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."  I liked the juxtaposition of a classic typing drill with the bold modern graphic quilt top, it's also the right color.

I'll have to take a break from "my" quilts and make some baby quilts.  I have a niece and nephew arriving in the next few weeks!!!

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