A Quilty Revelation


I wanted to challenge myself and try improvisational piecing and set out to do a project that I could handle as well as enjoy.  During one of my many graphic art searches I stumbled onto a design by Ashley Goldberg, 0440a, and thought it would be fun to recreate the design as an improv quilt.  I know it's kind of an oxymoron to use a "pattern" to improv piece but I wanted a good jumping off point.

Ashley Goldberg's 0440a

Above is the original design that was my inspiration and below is the finished quilt.

0440a Improv Quilt
Even though my brain was going to explode by the end of this project I think the finished quilt caught the spirit of the original design using fabric to mimic the strokes of Ashley Goldberg's design.

I fell back into my comfort zone by choosing a Cotton and Steel fabric for the backing.

0440a Improv Quilt Back
When I began quilting this I was really going out on a limb.  I typically mark my quilts with a ruler all over but this time I just started quilting.  I wanted to mimic doodles which I think it does but just because it looks like doodles doesn't mean I am in love with the outcome.  It's simply not the way I design, piece or quilt my quilts.

With all that said I'm glad I challenged myself.  Which leads me to my next topic, the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club by Lucky Spools.  It's $5 a month or $50 a year.  Instead of the typical block of the month club it's a skill building club.  January was a bias tape challenge.  I completed a baby size quilt top using bias tape.

My inspiration were mid century modern shapes but it ended up more 80's than 50's.  I am excited to have learned this technique and I have ideas swirling already.  This morning I checked out February's challenge and its... Minimalist Improvisation!  HA!!  The day after I finish my fist rather minimal improv quilt and swearing off improv piecing I'm hit with an improv challenge.  I've decided to try it out, again, and make a small small quilt about 12" x 18".  Too funny.

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