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Favorite Finishes - Best of 2016 Linky Party

Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a Best of 2016 Linky Party where bloggers can share their five "best" posts.  I decided to join in the fun and share five of my favorite finishes of 2016!

No. 1:  Graffiti Rings

I started this quilt in 2015 and 14 months later had finally finished my first double wedding ring quilt!  It was quite the accomplishment and one done entirely for me.  This quilt isn't going in shows it's going in my family room and I love it.

No. 2: Office Day Dreams

This design came together so fast and I love how it turned out.  I don't work with prints all that often but I love Me + You batiks by Hoffman Fabrics.

No. 3: Peaks + Horizons

This quilt started as a design using binding tape but that was an epic fail so it ended as a vast negative space quilting experiment.  I'm glad the first design failed.

No. 4: Mountain Scene

This quilt brought together my old creative life as a landscape oil painter and my new life as a geometric design quilters. …

Who Knew

I guess I do have a reason to make a post even though I haven't had time to sew.  I completely forgot about Quiltcon notifications!  I found out yesterday that I will have five, yep five, quilts hanging at Quiltcon East in Savannah, GA this coming February.
Top Left: Modern Stepping Stones, Top Right: Mountain Scene, Bottom Left: Peaks + Horizons, Bottom Right: Office Day Dreams and Center: Michael Miller Challenge Mini
It was a total shock to have that many quilts accepted.  I was thinking two maybe three but never imagined five.  It's is such an honor to have these quilts displayed in an international show featuring modern quilting.  I really appreciate all the opportunities the Modern Quilt Guild have given their members to showcase their work that would typically not have a chance.  Speaking of opportunities,  one of the quilts above will also be included in some extra Quiltcon fun but more on that later.
In total I entered 8 of my own quilts so naturally there were some …


When I was at Quiltcon, yes way back in February, I saw several transparency quilts and made a note to myself that I needed to make one of those, (here's a link to the MQG's Quiltcon 2016 gallery).  So, back in May I made one, yes May.

It's not the typical transparency quilt because I wanted to stay true to my geometric bold designs.
There is a sneak peek of this quilt in on the Show Entries page but the reason I didn't share details about this quilt before is because I submitted it to the Quiltcon Magazine.  It wasn't accepted and in the end I was very pleased with that.  I had some pretty serious sewing/writing going on at that time and I wasn't looking forward to trying to write a pattern for this quilt.  I'm not even sure I could explain the block to myself let along write it down so others could understand it.  Look at how crazy that block is and there there 4 different blocks in 2 sets of mirror images!

It was super fun problem solving the piecing fo…