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At the beginning of the year I had several deadlines, four in fact all due before QuiltCon in February, and now that the latest issue of Modern by the Yard e-zine is out I can finally share my Follow the Leader quilt!!

Click HERE for the free pattern/e-zine

My Follow the Leader quilt features Christa Watson's newest fabric line with Benartex Contempo Studio, Abstract Garden.  I love Christa's playful prints and that each of her lines coordinate with the other previous lines.  The background on this quilt are grey prints from her Fandangle fabric collection.

This design is fat quarter friendly and is 100% compatible with one of my favorite templates, the Tri-Rec tool!  I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures before sending the quilt to Benartex.  I did manage to get a quick shot of the quilt top.  I can't help but smile when I see all those bright cheerful colors.

I hope you will take a moment and check out the latest issue of Modern by the Yard.  It's comp…

Quilt Shows Show and Tell

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has been over for almost a fortnight now but I still wanted to give a quick run down of the show.

Best of Quiltcon Showcase at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

First off, quilts, quilts and more quilts and to be completely honest I didn't see them all, I didn't even try.  I really enjoyed all the quilts I saw but at a certain point even I was tired of looking.  I would recommend going to the Sisters show if you get a chance it was amazing.  After a bit I was able to find my Mountain Scene quilt at the show and had to control myself from bee lining to the Best of Quiltcon showcase and my Modern Stepping Stones quilt.

Sisters Quilt Selfies

I think by far my favorite part of the show was running into Shelly Nelson the maker of the quilt below:

Quilt Full of Pockets by Shelly Nelson

Shelly is a general manager of a McDonald's in Oregon and made her quilt from her old uniforms.  I saw her quilt on Instagram but didn't find it at the show.  I was so delighted to run into her while picking up our quilts.  It is such a great quilt and I wore some of those same shirts myself.  I was also great to introduce her to my father, a McDonald's owner/operator who has worked at McDonald's since 1968 and get a picture of Shelly and my dad, Cory, holding her McDonald's quilt!!  All in all a great trip and a great quilt show.

Since this post is a show and tell I have a few more bits of quilt show news to share.  I found out earlier this month that my Urban Trek quilt was accepted for inclusion in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at Quilt Festival this November in Houston.  This is the second year I have had work in the showcase and I am extremely honored to be a part of this exhibit.  This is the same show that my City Planner quilt will be at but in a different exhibit.

Urban Trek
I also had a quilt not accepted into the showcase and that's my More Stop Than Go quilt so my next try for that quilt will be Quiltcon2018.

Finally, just this week I found out that I had four quilts accepted into American Quilter's Society show this fall in Paducah, KY!! 

I hadn't mention entering into this show because, honestly I didn't think I would get any of the four entries in; I am beyond surprised that all my entries were accepted.  Two of my entries were also in Quiltcon this year, Peaks + Horizons and Office Daydreams, but two of the entries are Quiltcon rejects, Chevrons Revisited and Optics.   Lesson, don't give up on your quilts as you try to get them into shows!  This has happened to me before where a quilt did really poorly at a non-juried show but later was given a ribbon at another show.  So much of quilt jurying and judging is subjective sometimes it just takes the right eyes looking at your quilt for it to be accepted.


I hadn't looked out Chevrons Revisited or Optics for quite a while now and neither of them have quilt sleeves so I had to make those.  It was interesting to see how far my quilting has come in since making those quilts and am a touch embarrassed to send them to a show but they look good from the front, the points match, they are square and lay flat but definitely not ribbon quality.  I am very thankful to see the improvements, it can be hard to see those improvements quilt to quilt and all too easy to be hard on your own work.

I have a couple more notification in August but then nothing until the Quiltcon notices in December.  Speaking of Quiltcon 2018 I'm anxiously awaiting the new submission rules and am hoping they won't cap the number of entries you can make, I don't think I'd be able to pick and chose for myself and prefer the Quiltcon jury to decide for me.

I submitted a design to Modern Patchworks Quiltcon Magazine.  I've been turned down two times before but maybe the third time around I'll get a pattern booked.  If your interested in entering a design/pattern here's a link to the submission guidelines page.



  1. Pretty exciting stuff! I really need to get to Sisters one of these years. Congrats on your quilt acceptances - it always feels really good, I know! ;-)

    1. Thanks Debbie! I was preparing myself for 4 rejection emails so when the notification emails were sent out I thought it was a mistake and had to open each acceptance packet and read it to double check. I really wish I was sending some better work but many of my faves are tied up. I really enjoyed your last Scrap Basket, Minimalism etc. ect., I completely envy your improv style and that Art Deco quilt by Stacey is amazing!


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