The Spokane Interstate Fair and More

I have definitely experienced my ups and downs at the fair.  The first year my Paris Medallion quilt won a blue ribbon and on of five special awards given by the fair, beyond thrilling.  The second year my Mountain Scene quilt received a red ribbon and was hung in the rafters, the rafters, a huge crusher. Then last year I won two blue ribbons for my two entries, Scandinavian Pathway and Lost in Oz, definitely unexpected after the prior year's results.  This year when I dropped off my quilt the attendee suggested my quilt was more interesting from the back, ugh.  I know she was trying to be nice and compliment me but it sure was disheartening.  When I got to the fair I was expecting the worse, red ribbons or even yellow, the Spokane Interstate Fair uses a Danish judging system, but in disbelief I saw my quilt with a blue ribbon, a special award and an quilting excellence honorable award!!!

Diamonds on Display

I'm still blown away!  I just don't know what to expect from the fair from year to year.

Spokane Interstate Fair

The quilting excellence ribbon was awarded by the Inland Northwest Machine Quilters, which I'm now a member.  This award has a special meaning to me.  For the first part of my quilting experience I spent too much time comparing my quilting skills to others and wanting to be myself but trying to be someone else when it came to my quilting style.  I finally realized that i didn't need to free motion quilt to be great I needed to focus on the quilting I enjoyed.  It really is amazing to be honored in this way.


The blue ribbons and special awards are awarded by a judge the fair employs.  I was so taken up in the moment that I forgot to count how many special awards there were this year but in past years there has been 5-8.  Blue ribbons are given to all pieces scoring high enough to receive one and special awards is at the discretion of the judge so I'm very thankful they saw something special in Diamonds on Display.

I also submitted my Lost in Oz mini quilt from my local MQG design challenge for last year.  When I first saw it was rotated 90 degrees.  I broke the rules and quickly unpinned the ribbon and pinned it back on the right way.  Thankfully the quilt police were busy helping the photography showcase fix a frame that had been knocked over, whew.

Lost in Oz

The win at the fair wasn't my only excitement for the week.  I was invited to the Seattle MQG for a trunk show!  I had a great time and it was such a wonderful experience to sit through another guilds meeting and their amazing show and tell.  I was able to meet in person some of the amazing quilters I follow on IG and made new connection with others.  During the trunk show I was able to share a secrete sew project, with permission, which I should be able to share with everyone soon!!


I also have a few quilts at AQS QuiltWeek Fall Paducah and thanks to Cassandra Beaver (who is an amazing quilter and won not one but two ribbons at the show!)  I have some pictures to share.

Positive Illuminations - AQS QuiltWeek Fall Paducah

Citrus Paly - AQS QuiltWeek Fall Paducah

Urban Trek is also there in the Best of QuiltCon showcase, no picture, yet; fingers crossed one pops up somewhere.

I was just about to wrap up this post when I got an email letting me know that my "The Ordered House" mini was accepted for publication in the next issue of Curated Quilts!!  I was really curious to see if either of the minis that I made for this challenge would be chosen and if only one which one.  I was definitely more partial to the ordered version so I'm very happy it was selected.

The Ordered House

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4 NIV