PreQuilt Partnership

At QuiltCon this year I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend.  She was super sweet and she invited me to share some of my designs/patterns through her company PreQuilt!  I have three patterns that launched on their site this week and am very excited about this opportunity and to share what a great service PreQuilt offers to quilters.
PreQuilt is a great resource for quilters looking to customize a pattern to their own color palette.  When you sign up with PreQuilt you get to experiment with different color options for a pattern and then purchase a digital version of that pattern all on their site.

Currently I am offering my designs Jawbreakers, Positive Illuminations and Sparrows at Play on the PreQuilt platform.

I hope you will check out the PreQuilt site have some fun playing with color and customizing so many great patterns on their site.  I think PreQuilt is a great tool for quilters and a great way to explore your own creativity so I hope you check their site out!!


Office Daydreams

I finished another quilt!  Office Daydreams:

Office Daydreams Quit

This quilt was a design from an Instagram challenge I took part in, #30daysofquiltdesign .  There have been some pretty amazing designs in the challenge and I can't wait to see more finished quilts from it.

Office Daydreams Quilting

I named this quilt after my sister in law, Alexis, told me she thought my designed looked like file folders and well it really does.  This quilt came together so easily.  The design was a spin off from another design I had just finished.  I knew instantly that I wanted to use Me and You batiks from Hoffman Fabrics and the quilting design just happened.  In addition to the quilt top falling into place I had been dying to use Anna Marie Horner's Fibs and Fables Enchanted as a quilt back since it came out, which I also used as the binding.

Office Daydreams Back

When it all came together the perfect name was Office Daydreams and I have to admit that I do quite a bit of quilt day dreaming at work, sorry Boss, aka Dad.  For fun I took a back lit picture of the finished quilt syncing the front to the back perfectly with the title.

Office Daydreams Quilt

I've decided to make this my last Quiltcon 2017 entry.  I finished my Michael Miller challenge quilt (below) and had two more entries after that.

Mini Lux

I first made this quilt 50" x 60" but had an awful time with warping that I scraped it and made a mini using starch. It is also a product of #30dayofquiltsdesign.  The next entry went to our guild banner in the group category so Office Daydreams will round out the three.

In closing I wanted to share how my quilt did at the fair... not well.  I think it fell victim to "I just don't get it" from the judge.  I got a red ribbon, RED, that's the same as a B grade.  It was hung up in the rafters away from the main quilt area and folded in half so you couldn't see the quilt in it's entirety which is really bad since Mountain Scene is a whole picture quilt.

The judges notes said that my colors and binding were good but that I had tensions issues with my quilting.  I checked and double checked my quilt when I got it back and there were no signs of tension issues on the back as stated.  I did notice quite a few uncut threads, I do have a tendency to miss threads, that may have been mistaken for tension loops, maybe, but more likely I think they just didn't get it.  The winning quilts were all UBER traditional, civil war fabrics, yo-yo quilt, embroidered quilt, applique quilt and so on.

Overall I still enjoy entering my quilts into shows.  I'll brush this off and move onto the next show, WSQ in October.  At least I know I can bind a quilt with the best of them!