Are you sitting down?

I finished the notorious double wedding ring quilt!

Graffiti Rings Quilt
This was a long process.  I loved this quilt from the beginning but allowed myself to be easily distracted.  Ok, some of those distractions were pretty amazing quilts but I decided enough was enough and I finished this baby!  The initial spark of inspiration was Alison Glass' beautiful batiks, Handcrafted 2.  The instant I saw these fabrics I knew I wanted to make a double wedding ring quilt.

I quilted this using a combination of horizontal lines and vertical echo lines.  The vertical lines ended up resembling a cable knit, nice secondary effect.

Graffiti Rings Quilt - Back
I'm a sucker for shocking pink and even have decor in my house this very color.  The backing is more Alison Glass Handcrafted 2.  I also got to skill build making this quilt because it was the first time I'd made a bias binding and for binding a scalped edge.  I have to admit one of the things that kept me from completing this project was worrying about the binding but I found a great YouTube video (here) which was a game changer for me.  I also have to credit Marti Michelle's Double Wedding Ring template available at  It was so easy to use and the piece came together really easy and clean.

There it is again, all done folks!

I took a little breather than started the next project.  I completed the #30daysofquiltdesign  challenge on Instagram and am making one of those designs using Hoffman Fabrics Me&You modern batiks.

Office Day Dreams Quilt Design

I love working with these fabrics!  They're great quality and the prints and colors are so beautiful.  I've been asked for a pattern of this design and plan on posting it to this webpage when it's done, something new for me.

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