New Fabric, New Project

I received the long awaited Alison Glass Handcrafted 2 from Pink Door Fabrics a few days ago and was completely inspired by the fabric.

I put some thought into what I'd like to create and purchased a text fabric bundle plus three more text prints not in the bundle from Pink Castle Fabric.

Then I began cutting and cutting and cutting some more.  I knew right away what I wanted to make and I hope I can pull it off.  I finally finished cutting and this is what I had.

Yep I've decided to make a double wedding ring quilt.  I added a few solids from my stash for the corner stones and went with a solid arc instead of pieced because I wanted Handcrafted 2 to be the star of the quilt.  I think I might be crazy.


After cutting I got to finally pack away all my cutting supplies and reclaim my kitchen island.  I think I've had a cutting board setup on it for 4 months.  I currently have 3 quilts cut and ready to go two of which have due dates so unfortunately my double wedding ring will have to wait.  I'm hoping to finish the quilting on the chain quilt today, yes I found time to sandwich. 

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