An Experiment

It's been way to long since I've posted but there are a couple reasons.  The first, I had to finish a project that I won't be able to share until September and next it just seemed to take forever to finish my Mt Baker quilt.  It's 50" x 60".

Mt Baker Quilt
I'd been noticing a trend in graphic art which combined geometric shapes and photography.  I thought that this could be done in a quilt and found a picture I took of Mt Baker.  I had the picture printed at Spoonflower and used fabric from my stash for the rest of the quilt even the backing!

Mt Baker Quilt Back (and CoraJoan)

Again, I used my walking foot to quilt this project with 50 weight thread.  I'm hoping to branch out with some free motion quilting but after I decided to practice every Monday I broke my darning foot, of course.  I now have a replacement and no excuse not to practice.

I also have to  share a picture of my daughter, CoraJoan, "helping."  She runs around taking pictures with an old camera, mostly pointed the wrong way but she very happy to "help."

Mt Baker quilt with CoraJoan
Finally, I continue to work on the double wedding ring quilt but I have to do some layout work to finish piecing.


  1. Thats a great quilt. I love the idea! The quilting is just perfect for this piece of art. Great work.
    All the best, Alex.

    1. Thank you again. I was a little nervous at the start of this project hoping the picture was still recognizable after cutting it up and piecing it together again but I m pleased with the out come. Also I started following you on Flickr, I love those metallic stars, amazing!


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