I finished a throw size quilt (57 x 68) and not just any quilt but the Busby Berkeley Inspired Popsicles quilt I've been working on for a couple months, almost exactly two months!

Busby Berkeley Inspired Popsicles Quilt!

I don't typically design using blocks but I couldn't pass up this Popsicle inspiration.  When I design I usually see the whole area as a blank canvas to create on so it was unusual for me to start with a block.  The idea first came into my head when I saw a great promo for craftsy.com featuring some popsicles.  Around the same time I started thinking about some old movies I'd seen and for whatever reason I landed on Busby Berkeley and his over the top choreographed dance scenes but it wasn't until I was laying out my quilt top with the popsicles that I got the idea to combine the two inspirations.

Busby Berkeley Inspired Popsicles quilt

This quilt was a change challenge for me and even though my points don't match up I'm very proud that I saw it through to the end.  I also chose quilting to accentuate the Busby Berkeley theme.

For the back of the quilt, no surprises, I used a Cotton + Steel fabric.  The colors on Melody Millers Trinket Whistles in pink is perfect and I just love her designs!

Busby Berkeley Inspired Popsicles Back

CoraJoan was a good trooper for the most part but she did start to get bored...

In closing, last post I hinted that I'd been doing a lot of designing lately and I have.  I am participating in an Instagram challenged hosted by @stitchedincolor and @gothamquilts, #30daysofquiltdesigns.  I've done 20 designs so far and have even created a few I'd like to make into quilts.  If you get a chance check out my Instagram account @quiltachusetts or the challenge hashtag.

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