I've really enjoyed the time I set aside for myself to create new designs and quilts not tied to a deadline.  One of the projects I was able to work on and complete, which is always a bonus, is my Swatches quilt!

This quilt was inspired from my oil painting days; sketches, painter palettes, paint tubes, canvases, brushes, lighting and other images both concrete and abstract.  I designed this quilt to convey a feeling more than actual objects tied to painting.

I’m finding that more and more I’m merging my first creative love, oil painting, with my current creative love in my quilt designs.  I've even started working with watercolors again mainly because the clean up is so easy. 

I chose the quilting to add interest and depth to the design. I took some risks, like black thread echos around the paint swatches and hand quilting the small grey squares. Most of the quilting is fairly dense and I was shocked when blocking the quilt to find out the length shrunk by 3”.

I reall…

Barcode Chic

I've finished quilt No. 6 of 2017 yesterday... Barcode Chic (originally chic barcodes I tweaked it a little after the initial post).

Barcode Chic

This was a slight, very slight, departure from the quilt I usually design.  It's still geometric but less structured.  I even used shot cottons so give it more of an organic feel.  While I've made quilts before with shot cottons I don't think I will use them again anytime soon.  No matter how much I cleaned up the loose threads I still ended up with shadowing and rogue threads after sandwiching, ugh.  

Barcode Chic
I was able find the perfect backing fabric for this design;Observer by April Rhodes - Speck in Bronze.  I really like shopping for backing fabric, typically online.  When looking for a fabric I want it to be something I like, a medium to large print, in a coordinating color palette that has the right feel or theme as the front.  Sometime this can be very difficult other times, like with this quilt, the perfect fabric jumps off the computer screen.

Barcode Chic - Backing
Switching gears, this week in Debbie Jeske, of A Quilters Table, sent out her newsletter, The Scrap Basket, and in was a link to Moda Fabric's Color Palette Builder.  This tool is amazing!  The user uploads a photo or design and it will match the colors to Moda's Bella Solids.  You can then fine tune the colors to create a palette.  I'm not going to ditch my color cards any time soon but it will save time to have a starting point plus it's just fun.
As you can see it's pretty accurate.  It did select Peacoat for the charcoal grey but the other colors are right on, so I hope you'll try it out if you haven't already.


  1. Love what you've done in this quilt - just so interesting!! And glad you liked the Palette Builder - isn't it something!?

    1. Thanks Debbie, it's a bit different for me but it's nice to mix it up from time to time. I really like Bella solids so I see myself using the palette selector frequently. I think it will work good for fabric selection on new designs even though I've told myself I need to use the prints in my stash more.


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