PreQuilt Partnership

At QuiltCon this year I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend.  She was super sweet and she invited me to share some of my designs/patterns through her company PreQuilt!  I have three patterns that launched on their site this week and am very excited about this opportunity and to share what a great service PreQuilt offers to quilters.
PreQuilt is a great resource for quilters looking to customize a pattern to their own color palette.  When you sign up with PreQuilt you get to experiment with different color options for a pattern and then purchase a digital version of that pattern all on their site.

Currently I am offering my designs Jawbreakers, Positive Illuminations and Sparrows at Play on the PreQuilt platform.

I hope you will check out the PreQuilt site have some fun playing with color and customizing so many great patterns on their site.  I think PreQuilt is a great tool for quilters and a great way to explore your own creativity so I hope you check their site out!!


My First Pattern

For a couple months now I've been working on a quilt pattern and it is finally finished!

I designed this for the MQG Quilt of the Month 2017 but was not selected, which is a bonus for everyone because now I can offer it for sale in my Etsy shop.  Those rejection emails can be hard to take but I've found after the first initial blow it's not hard to move on or, in this case, turn it into a positive.

Quarter Hours Quilt

I really fell in love with this quilt.  I started off with the idea clocks missing 15 minutes and continued the clock theme into my quilting.  I used the negative space to create gems, sapphires are commonly used in clock works and then quilted the clock blocks with different size clock hands.  I almost quilted the background in a diagonal line but in the end choose vertical giving it that 19th century parlor room feel, perfect for the overall feel of this quilt.  This quilt is about details and I changed it up by adding color to the binding in just the upper left corner.

Quarter Hours Quilt

I am already working on my next pattern!  I have had quite a few requests for a pattern of my Mountain Scene quilt.  It's a bit more complicated than this quilt but I'm hoping to have it done before the year is up.  I'm liking writing patterns and hope to release 1-2 a year, we'll see.

I really have to give a big thanks to Judy and Haven for being great pattern testers and to Alexis for proofing my pattern.  If you decide to make a Quarter Hours quilt don't forget to post your pictures to #quiltachusettsquarterhours on Instagram.  This pattern also includes two layouts, two sizes and a coloring page to customize it!

Following this post I will be sewing labels on quilts to turn in tomorrow for the WSQ show Oct 14 - 16 at the Spokane County Fairgrounds.