Creating Depth

I finished a quilt!

Finding Depth
This quilt was designed as part of the 30 Days of Quilt Design challenge on Instagram.  It ended up looking quite a bit different than the original design but the feel is the same.

Original Design
For practical reason I took away the the transparency effect and once the rust chevrons were on I ran out of room for the green ones.  All in all this quilt is not my best work.  I like the overall look but it isn't what I typically make and I think that shows.  First of all the colors aren't my usual bright pallet, though I like working with these colors.  Next, my quilting is usually a little denser but wanted to use varying spacing to accentuate each color.  Finally, the chevrons are raw edge applique, I haven't done that since 2013!

Finding Depth Chevrons
This quilt is also full of mistakes!  It is pieced well but the quilting is not the best and I sandwiched the backing on upside down... YIKES!  Once I was done quilting I picked a really great yellow for the binding and only after I had it attached to the front ready to hand stitch down did I realized I'd just made a ketchup and mustard quilt.  The Yellow has grown on me but at the time I just sighed and pushed on.

Finding Depth Back - Yep It's Upside Down
I love Melody Miller's fabric designs and got to use a pre-cotton and steel fabric of hers for the backing on this quilt so you can imagine how horrible it felt when I realized it was upside down.  I'd started quilting and spray basted this quilt so in the end made the decision to just go with it.

In conclusion not everything works out the way we intend, ah life...

CoraJoan Look Says It All

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