Modern by the Yard Cover

At the beginning of the year I had several deadlines, four in fact all due before QuiltCon in February, and now that the latest issue of Modern by the Yard e-zine is out I can finally share my Follow the Leader quilt!!

Click HERE for the free pattern/e-zine

My Follow the Leader quilt features Christa Watson's newest fabric line with Benartex Contempo Studio, Abstract Garden.  I love Christa's playful prints and that each of her lines coordinate with the other previous lines.  The background on this quilt are grey prints from her Fandangle fabric collection.

This design is fat quarter friendly and is 100% compatible with one of my favorite templates, the Tri-Rec tool!  I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures before sending the quilt to Benartex.  I did manage to get a quick shot of the quilt top.  I can't help but smile when I see all those bright cheerful colors.

I hope you will take a moment and check out the latest issue of Modern by the Yard.  It's comp…

It's Quilt Show Season

This week my quilts finally went on display in Houston, TX for Quilt Market followed by the International Quilt Festival in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase. (Thank you Charyl for the terrific pictures!)

Modern Stepping Stones

Peaks + Horizons
I know I've shared these quilts a few times in the past but I always think it's fun seeing quilts hanging at shows.  I love seeing on Instragram people sharing pictures of their quilts at shows so I might as well give these two another go around.
Both of these quilts were part of the Modern Quilt Guild's Showcase in the International Quilt Festival.  There were a total of 28 quilts in the showcase and all of them were amazing.

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase International Quilt Festival 2016

From left to right top to bottom the quilts are:
Lawn Diamonds by Sarah Schraw, That Way by Corrine Sovey, Mod Blocks by Betsy Vinegard, Bars Quilt by Tara Faughman, Peaks + Horizons by Heather Black, Modern Stepping Stones by Heather Black, Hills and Valleys by Cassandra Beaver.  Honeycomb by Margo Rees, Fly Away by Suzy Williams, Sunrise by Anne Sullivan, City Lights by Anne Sulivan, Cobogo by Silvia Sutters, Shape Shifting by Dawn Golstab, Facets by Amy Friend.  Negative Crosswalk by Michelle Wilkie, Gingham Spring by Suzy Williams, Thoroughly Modern Ginny by Diana Vandeyar, 35 Sisters by Amanda Hancock - Pittsburgh MQG - Nicole Maroon, The Blue and Green by Shannon Page, Migration Quilt by Kristi Schroeder, Sunburst by Yvonne Fuchs.  Bloberella by Hillary Goodwin, Use You Illusion by Cheryl Brickey, Make More Qlts by Cathy Fussell, Modern Waves Quilt by Kristi Schroeder, Phased Circles by Michelle Wilkie, Artic Sunset by Elizabeth Dackson, Diamonds Quilt by Tara Faughnan.

What an outstanding collection quilts and quilters.  I follow most of these talented ladies on Instagram and plan on hunting down the ones I don't.  I will be getting my quilts back from the show this month.  I sent them off back in July and kind of miss them.

I do have a couple sewing projects I've been working on and hope to be able to share some new quilts very soon.  I've also had some "real" secret sewing going on but more on that later, much later.

I don't have any other shows this year but I do have a couple notification deadlines approaching.  The Modern Quilt Guild has a coffee table book they are assembling which by default and because I entered three I have 13 quilts entered for consideration and of course there's Quiltcon 2017!  I believe I'll find out about both of these sometime in December.  I'm not holding out much hope for the book but I do hope to get 1-3 quilts in Quiltcon this year, fingers crossed.

Just in case you're wondering... When I make a quilt that I plan to enter in a show or have entered into a show I store them in a guest bedroom that is never used.  I lay them flat - face down on a queen size bed.  This does a couple things, first of all it keeps creases from forming, and secondly it keeps them up out of the way of sticky hands and one very pesky beagle.  I still haven't figured out how or where to store quilts after there show adventures are done, hmmmm.