I've really enjoyed the time I set aside for myself to create new designs and quilts not tied to a deadline.  One of the projects I was able to work on and complete, which is always a bonus, is my Swatches quilt!

This quilt was inspired from my oil painting days; sketches, painter palettes, paint tubes, canvases, brushes, lighting and other images both concrete and abstract.  I designed this quilt to convey a feeling more than actual objects tied to painting.

I’m finding that more and more I’m merging my first creative love, oil painting, with my current creative love in my quilt designs.  I've even started working with watercolors again mainly because the clean up is so easy. 

I chose the quilting to add interest and depth to the design. I took some risks, like black thread echos around the paint swatches and hand quilting the small grey squares. Most of the quilting is fairly dense and I was shocked when blocking the quilt to find out the length shrunk by 3”.

I reall…

Mini Quilts Galore

I don't typically make mini quilts.  I've made a few in the past but these past couple weeks I made FOUR!  There were two factors motivating all these mini: 1) It was part of a challenge or 2) I wanted to play with prints.

Mini Quilts Galore

The first mini I made was for the Curated Quilts call for mini entries.  There was a great color palette and amazing architectural inspiration pictures that enticed me to design the Intersections 2.0 mini.  Submissions are open until midnight Monday (5/8) if you're interested in making a mini for this challenge.

Intersections 2.0 mini (14" x 14")

The next two mini quilts I made because I was in between projects and wanted to use prints in my stash.  I decided the best way to do this to remake one of my original designs, scaled down of course.  First I made a mini version of Urban Trek using Tula Pink's Elizabeth prints and the second was Modern Stepping Stones using Carolyn Friedlander's various prints.  I don't work with prints often and this was a great project for me to experiment with prints and see what I like and don't like to work with.

Urban Trek mini (15" x 18")

Modern Stepping Stones mini (20" x 24")
Finally, I finished a mini quilt for Quilt Expo's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge.  I enjoyed making this mini the most.  I used a combination of my City Planner quilt block and an hourglass block to create a 3-D effect.  In the end the design reminded me of a game board from when my friends and I would get together for game night, (one of my all time favorites games is Arkham Horror).

All's Fair in Love and Board Games mini (24" x 24")

The blocks reminded me of game pieces sitting on a game board so I instantly knew I had to use hexagons in my quilt design, think Settlers of Catan, and the white fabric looked like a Carcassonne game to me so it became a grid.  I'm really loving Carolyn Friedlander's prints.  Thankfully I have almost all of them as fat quarters in my stash.  The submission deadline for the Quilt Expo challenge is 5/23 so I knew I couldn't procrastinate.  

In conclusion, mini quilts are fun.  They can be finished in a 1-3 days and small enough to use stash fabric, oh, and you don't have to wrangle a huge bulky quilt to quilt it!  I will probably make more in mini quilts in the future but right now I'm really excited about some quilts I've designed recently so I'll have to hold off for now.


  1. I love "All's Fair". The 3-D effect is perfect and I love the board game references in the quilting.


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