Pantone Quilt Challenge: Greenery

I've been participating in an abundance of challenges so far, this year and this after I swore off challenges last year, but I've learned to look at them as a chance to grow creatively instead of a just another chore to check off the list.  The most recent challenge is the Pantone Quilt Challenge hosted by Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts.

Focus Frame Quilt (48.5" x 60")

I design my Focus Frame quilt (48.5" x 60") using Elisa's Back Porch Designs' Rainbow Block Template.  When I saw this template I instantly thought of the focus frame from the film strips I use to watch in school, so I held on to that idea waiting for the perfect project and then I read about the Pantone Quilt Challenge with the color of the year Greenery and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

The challenge was to use Greenery as a featured color in a quilt, quilt top or mini quilt.  I decided to make a quilt and in the spirit of the challenge even used contrasting green thread to quilt the entire quilt.  I also bound the quilt in greenery as a final splash of the inspiration color.

Focus Frame

I have to admit it took alot of positive self talk to get through quilting with a contrasting thread.  Every bump, bobble, dip and slip shows up and sticks out like a sore thumb when your nose is literally 10" form the surface of the quilt.  I'm very happy that I stuck with it and finished the quilt in the contrasting thread.  An Instagram friend commented that she loves contrast quilting on other peoples quilts but is too scared to do it on her own, she definitely put into words exactly how I felt, excellent insight Amanda (@sewsewlife)!

Focus Frame

In addition to the greenery solids I continued to challenge myself by adding some prints into the mix.  I really love Me + You batiks by Hoffman Fabrics and used them again in this quilt!  At the last minute I switched up the background color from aqua to a green-yellow because I really wanted the greenery to stand out.  I definitely learned to stretch myself with this project and trust my design instincts and you know what it was fun!!  I hope this quilt will encourage others to step out of their comfort zone even if it's just a toe.  Make sure you head on over to Bryan House Quilts and check out all the amazing GREEN quilts!

Finally, Modern Stepping Stones is in the Modern Quilt Guild first coffee table book, available for pre-order!  I'm still blown away that one of my quilts will be in a book and my name is on, listed as a contributor with some of my all time favorite quilters, whoa nelly!!  Speaking of that list, if you have ever wondered which quilters to follow on Instagram just go down this book's list of contributors, it's a great starting point and you won't be disappointed!!

Cover Quilt: Go North by Maritza Soto (@sotosewn)

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