2018 QuiltCon Submissions

I read an excellent blog yesterday by Yvonne Fuchs (www.quiltingjetgirl.com) listing the quilts she's entering into QuiltCon 2018.  I was particularly intrigued by her Transparent Ribbons entry, both of them, because they are the same design but one is in solids and the other in Christa Watson's Modern Marks prints.  It will be interesting to see what the jury does.  They are both so different I'm guessing they will both be accepted.  Yvonne also encouraged other bloggers to share their QuiltCon entries and I loved the idea so here they are.

2018 QuiltCon Submissions

This year the Modern Quilt Guild changed some of the rules for entering quilts in QuiltCon which meant I needed to to change my entry strategy.  I originally entered 10 quilts but decide to withdraw 5 after submission, more on that later.  Here of the five that I still have entered.

Urban Trek - Modern Minimalism

I had no doubt that I would enter this quilt.  It's my favorite make this year for many reasons.

Clambake - Modern Traditional

Another one of my 'favs' this year made with Jenny Haynes' (www.pappersaxsten.com) amazing double drunkards path template.

Misprint - Use of Negative Space

My Misprint quilt/design was so long in the making I absolutely knew I was entering it.

Lost in Oz - Mini Quilt

I've never entered in the mini quilt category before but since this was so well received on Instagram I thought I'd give it a shot.

Quilt - Modern Traditional

My final entry is a secret sew project that I submitted to QuiltCon magazine so I can't actually show it but here's a tease.  I don't really think of myself as a modern traditional quilt designer, I think I'm much more of a modern minimalist, so it's funny that I have two quilts submitted in that category.

Now for the five quilts I withdrew.

1.Scandinavian Pathway  2. Retro Rollers  3. More Stop Than Go  4.Fade & Balance  5. All's Fair in Love and Board Games

The more I thought about the new rules the more I began to regret entering so many quilts.  In the past when I submitted to QuiltCon the goal was to get something in so the more entries the better but this year the rules changed and any one designer cannot have more than 5 quilts in the show, though they can enter as many as they want.  As I started to go through scenarios in my head I realized that there were quilts I absolutely wanted to be in the show and quilts that I thought were good but would hate for them to take the place of one of my "absolutes."  It was pretty easy to weed out Scandinavian Pathway and All's Fair in Love and Board Games because they have a couple mistakes in them, e.g. shadowing and probably couldn't win a ribbon.  When I started comparing the other quilts to each other the next three fell out of the running pretty quickly.  Fortunately, when I contacted the MQG they were ok with we withdrawing the entries and even refunded most of the entry fee which I wasn't expecting.

Before the end of the year I should know which of my entries are accepted.  My birthday is December 19th and QuiltCon notifications seem to go out right around then so it's pretty fun time for me, well maybe not so fun if I don't get any quilts in, hmm...

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