Quilt Festival

I wasn't able to attend Quilt Festival and I'm hoping next year I'll be able to make it but I did have two quilts in two separate showcases at the show.  Both my Urban Trek quilt and my City Planner Quilt were in Houston and through social media I was able to see my quilts.

First up, Urban Trek (I hope you're not getting tired of seeing this quilt):

Urban Trek was hanging in the Modern Quilt Guild showcase.  For more details on the showcase please check of Whole Circle Studio's blog post.  Sheri was also kind enough to send me a picture of my quilt.  Sheri's quilt Road Work was also in the showcase.

Urban Treak - MQG Showcase

Quilts, Inc. offered a quilt appraisal for quilts in the show, for a fee, and I elected to have Urban Trek appraised so I could have an idea of what the monetary value of my quilts are, mainly for shipping insurance purposes.  It looks like Julie of Balzer Designs (a fabulous artist) may have caught the appraiser in action when she posted a picture of my quilt.  I hope that's the appraiser I don't think a measuring tape is common quilt show accessory.

The second quilt I had at the show was my City Planner quilt.  It was included in the Tactile Architectures showcase.

Valerie of Valerie's Thread Tales sent me some great pictures of City Planner while she was at Quilt Market.

City Planner

It was definitely fun seeing my quilts pop up here and there on social media I wasn't expecting that.  I thought maybe I'd catch a glimpse in passing in a video like this one from Aurifil Thread, psst I used Aurifil in my quilts so very cool.

City Planner

One more update, at Quilt Market the week before Quilt Festival the Modern Quilt Guild posted a flip through preview of their book that's coming out soon.  Modern Stepping Stones makes an appearance about a third of the way through the video, if you blink you'll miss it.

In closing I'd like to announce that my father, aka my boss, is retiring at the end of this month, ya dad, which means I will be unemployed in a couple months.  I'm planning on not going back to work until CoraJoan is in school full time.  I'm looking forward to almost two years of focusing on being a mom and this special time with my daughter.  Of course I'll keep quilting and am looking forwarded to this new season in my life.  Here's a fun tid bit, I've been working for McDonald's since I was 16 (minus a couple years here and there) so it will be a huge change for my family to no longer be in the "business."

"...'but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.'" John 9:3