QuitCon Part Two: More Quilts

This was so hard but I narrowed it down to twenty, just 20 of my favorite quilts from QuiltCon 2018.  I took close to 60 pictures of quilts from the show and selecting just 20 of those for a blog post was really hard.  It gave me a little, very little, taste of what it must feel like to be a judge.  In the end I gravitated towards the quilts that I had met the maker because it added an extra dimension to the quilt that wasn't there before.  Please forgive me, some of the photos are blurry.  Enjoy the show!

The first group is the largest, Modern Traditionalism:







 Next up, Use of Negative Space:



My favorite category, Minimalist Design:





Big designs in small packages, Small Quilts:


Two of my favorite quilts, Piecing:

Finally, Quilt of the Month:


QuiltCon is an amazing show with many more amazing quilts. If you get a chance I recommend looking up all the quilters on Instagram, when available the Instagram handle is printed on the quilt description, and don't forget to do a quick Internet search to find many of these talented quilters online.  Until next year!!

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