PreQuilt Partnership

At QuiltCon this year I was introduced to Laura through a mutual friend.  She was super sweet and she invited me to share some of my designs/patterns through her company PreQuilt!  I have three patterns that launched on their site this week and am very excited about this opportunity and to share what a great service PreQuilt offers to quilters.
PreQuilt is a great resource for quilters looking to customize a pattern to their own color palette.  When you sign up with PreQuilt you get to experiment with different color options for a pattern and then purchase a digital version of that pattern all on their site.

Currently I am offering my designs Jawbreakers, Positive Illuminations and Sparrows at Play on the PreQuilt platform.

I hope you will check out the PreQuilt site have some fun playing with color and customizing so many great patterns on their site.  I think PreQuilt is a great tool for quilters and a great way to explore your own creativity so I hope you check their site out!!


Good News - Sad News - Good News

I'll start with the good news. Out this month is my Dockside quilt pattern in the Nov/Dec issue of Modern Patchwork, available for purchase here.


I designed this quilt in the summer when a quick trip to Sullivan Lake sounded so nice.  I used flying geese facing different directions to create motion and that outdoor-Pacific Northwest-camping feel.


For this quilt I used Hoffman Fabrics Me and You Indah Solids.  I love the hand dyed feel of these solids.  They come in a variety of beautiful colors and are so easy to work with.

Dockside - Indah Solids

When I quilted this I wanted to keep it simple so I chose horizontal straight lines, of course, but added a little "v" corresponding to the direction the column of flying geese were pointing.  I love the subtle movement in the quilting.

Dockside - Quilting

Now for the sad news.  The Nov/Dec issue of Modern Patchwork will be their last.  I'm so sad for all the great people working on that magazine and the loss to the modern quilting community.  Modern Patchwork was a great magazine to work with, everyone was so encouraging and friendly.  It also gave so many new modern quilt designers and pattern writers opportunity to share their work.  I'm so thankful to Modern Patchwork for publishing so many of my designs and so grateful to everyone I interacted with and all their encouragement.

Nov/Dec 2018

More good news.  I found out last night that my quilt, Faux Hare Fair, won a second place award in the modern category at the Quilts & Fiber Arts Festival in Everett, WA!

Faux Hare Fair

This is one of my all time favorites, I love minimalism.  This is one of my last walking foot quilts, being completed in Dec 2017, and I even took out all the pink box quilting and redid it.  ripping out quilting is the worse but I'm very happy I did it now.

Faux Hare Fair - 2nd Place

The actual award look really cool I can't tell what it's made of exactly, but it'll be interesting to see in person.


I couldn't make it to the show and I am very grateful to Don Wattam (@drgriz) for the pictures.  He and Matt Macomber (@odditease) were the other winners in the modern category.  It's a huge honor to have a quilt honored along side theirs.  Both are amazing modern quilters.

The next quilt show is WSQ show here in Spokane.  I entered 5 quilts, I'm not quite sure how that happened because I was only going to enter 4, but I am looking forward to the show.

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