Retro Spin from Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

Next design I'd like to share from the book is my Retro Spin quilt.  This quilt is a modern version of a quilt sampler and features a great retro color palette.

Retro Spin Quilt

This week Pat Sloan has some behind the scene details about Daisy and my book, Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes!  Her post shares some of the books origin and the unique efforts Daisy and I put into the book.

Pat Sloan The Voice of Quilting

Pat did an amazing job to take time a learn more about Daisy and I and reviewing the book and I hope everyone will take the time to head over to her blog and check it out with all the other wonderful quilty goodness on Pat's website.

Retro Spin Quilting

Retro Spin is one of two quilts I didn't make a printed stripe version but there are instructions in the book for the pieced and printed striped versions.

Retro Spin Quilt

This is one of my favorite designs from the book.  I love the color palette and the movement created by "spinning" some of the blocks different directions.  The offset border is a fun way to add an unexpected element to the design.

Quilt Modern Curves & Bold Stripes

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  1. I'm so glad I bought this book - there are so many quilts in it that I want to make!!

    1. Yay, thank you!! I hope the book is an inspiration for your future quilt making. You'll have to let me know which quilt you decide to make.


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